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Crisis PR

4 Steps To Fix The NFL’s PR Problem

To say that the National Football League has a public relations and image problem is like saying Robert DeNiro is a great actor – an […]

Crisis Communications, Crisis PR/November 21st, 2013/

Avoiding Spillover Scrutiny After a PR Crisis

Recently a Texas-based medical equipment company got hammered into submission by the government for alleged Medicare fraud. Overbilling such huge numbers that the entire industry […]

Crisis PR, Industry News/September 20th, 2013/

Facebook: Just because you can doesn’t mean you should

People call 5WPR all the time wanting to know if there’s a silver bullet to social media success. Not really, no. Building a solid reputation […]

Five Qualities of Newsworthy PR

In the field of Public Relations, there is one cardinal rule; whatever steps you take in creating spin or buzz, it has to be picked […]

Carnival Cruises: Don’t Look at Me… Blame the Agency!

It’s been a difficult few years for Carnival Cruise Line. Earlier this year, one of its ships, Triumph, got stranded at sea and eventually towed […]

5WPR News, Crisis Communications, Crisis PR/June 3rd, 2013/

Handling a Public Relations Crisis

Handling a crisis is partly about staying calm and somewhat removed from the situation at hand.  When a client calls with an issue that they believe to […]

Crisis Communications, Crisis PR/May 30th, 2013/

Lessons from PR Firms on handling public crisis


The recent public relations catastrophe, which took place aboard a Carnival cruise ship should have been a wakeup call for many brands – not just […]

Crisis Communications, Crisis PR, Litigation Communications/May 29th, 2013/

Mishandling Public Relations Crisis – A Report by NY Firm 5WPR

The worst nightmare of any Fortune 500 executive is to find a real giant killer on their front door, and a mishandled PR crisis is a […]

Crisis Communications, Crisis PR/May 20th, 2013/