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Richard Sherman Is Already A Super Bowl Winner

January has been quite a month for Seahawks defensive back Richard Sherman. Stuck at the center of a swirling media storm after his bizarre postgame interview, after the […]

Exactly the Right Time to Shut Up

It was supposed to be just another innocently fun episode in the life and times of the cute little GEICO pig, the happy hog who […]

LinkedIn Gets Their PR Right

In the wake of this summer’s National Security Agency (NSA) public relations debacle surrounding Edward Snowden revealing operational details of mass surveillance, the American public […]

Social and Digital Media, Social Media Agency/October 30th, 2013/

Bollywood Invades Florida: Entertainment Public Relations

The world is getting smaller. The Internet followed air travel, ship travel and international mail in seeing to that. Now the world of film is […]

Five Ways to Use Social Media PR During Disasters

Though it is sad to say that this nation has been visited by more than its fair share of tragedy in the last year, both […]

Digital Media PR, Social and Digital Media, Social Media Agency/June 12th, 2013/

5 Necessary Social Media Tools to Build A Brand

You may have seen various infographics and memes humorously explaining the point of various social media outlets. They’re often good for a laugh, but in […]

Digital Media PR, Social and Digital Media, Social Media Agency/May 28th, 2013/

5 Ways NOT to Handle Negative Press

Everyone from Facebook to Reddit, to the Washington Post and NY Daily News is talking about a Scottsdale, Arizona, restaurant, Amy’s Baking Company says Ronn […]

Social Media PR Tactics Every PR Firm Must Use

Times are changing and social media is everywhere you look these days. It is extremely crucial for a PR firm to know the newest social […]

Social and Digital Media, Social Media Agency/April 26th, 2013/