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Agency Life

The Agency Life: Get to Know the 5W Culture

PR isn’t easy.

If you’re anything like most public relations professionals, in the early stage of your career you may have had a romanticized notion of […]

5WPR Workplace, Agency Life, Public Relations/March 11th, 2016/

Happy Holidays

As the holiday season is upon us, we examine that for which we are truly thankful. 5W PR thrived this year because of the amazing […]

Agency Life/December 17th, 2015/

5WPR Giving

Charity is something that means a lot to the staff at 5W Public Relations. Our employees have causes that are very near and dear to […]

Agency Life/December 14th, 2015/

What Can Public Relations Professionals Learn From Mad Men?


It’s insane to think that we are about to say goodbye to Mad Men forever. The show about a 1960s advertising agency completely revolutionized television […]

Agency Life, Branding, Public Relations/April 6th, 2015/

How to Grow, Foster and Maintain a Relationship with a Journalist in Public Relations

As a PR practitioner, you are probably aware that the success of the organization that you represent mainly depends on media relations. A journalist who […]

Agency Life, Branding, Digital Media PR, Public Relations/April 2nd, 2015/

5W Insights: February 2015 – Blizzard Business

Blizzard BusinessHow Smart New York Businesses Navigated the Storm

Last week’s snow brought transit, operational and communications challenges to companies in the North East. It also […]

5WPR News, Agency Life/February 2nd, 2015/

5W Insights: December 2014 – Rebranding your Company


December 2014

Kellogg’s Is Positioning Itself For a Re-branding Win

With a faster-moving, eat-on-the-go culture and digital streaming entertainment, the two staples of Kellogg’s breakfast domination are fading into memory. Kellogg’s […]

5WPR News, Agency Life, Branding/December 8th, 2014/

A Time to Give Thanks

As we approach the holiday season, all of us at 5WPR want to take a moment to appreciate all that we have accomplished at the […]

5WPR News, Agency Life/November 26th, 2014/