Top 5 Trends From CES

Every year, technology enthusiasts look forward to finding out what the coming trends will be at the international Consumer Electronics Show, and every year they are amazed by what they see. This year is turning out to meet expectations in every way, and the top 5 trends emerging from the convention are certain to shape the tech industry in the coming years.

Anyone who is lucky enough to get a CES badge probably already knows what the top 5 trends are because everyone at the convention always focuses on the hot new products being unveiled to the public. In past years, we’ve received such technological hallmarks as the touch screen tablet, Laserdisc, Blu-ray, Microsoft XboX and HDTV.

This year, consumers are gearing up for wearable technology, for themselves and their pets, as well as new advances in virtual reality from Oculus VR. The Internet of Things is a prominent theme, and home entertainment is getting more sophisticated. The 2015 CES debuted hundreds of innovative products, and it will be exciting to see which ones become household names in the years to come.

top 5 trends from ces 2015

The 5WPR team attended CES and put together this list of the top five trends from the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show.

Wearable Technology

Smart watches and other wearable gadgets are already being adopted by consumers, and they help people with chronic illnesses manage their medication and doctor’s visits. Health and wellness software for wearable technology is the top trend emerging from the tech industry, and the CES put it front and center on the convention floor. Concerned pet owners are even putting wearable gadgets on their pets to keep track of their pets’ needs. In the coming months, the general public will be seeing a lot more of this technology.

Virtual Reality

Oculus VR has already released the Oculus Rift to critical acclaim, and its new product, Oculus Rift Crescent Bay, builds on the success of its previous iteration by adding more processing power, RAM and video capabilities. The experience is more immersive and realistic, and people who got to try Crescent Bay at CES were amazed. Developers are already writing software for the device, so consumers will be able to get their hands on it very soon. Oculus Rift will surely be as well known as Nintendo or Playstation in a year or two.

Internet of Things

Consumers have been connecting their home appliances and gadgets to the Internet for several years, and product makers are catching onto the trend by developing more sophisticated devices. The CES unveiled the Automatic Smart Driving Monitor, which allows car owners to control the temperature of their homes while driving in their cars. It’s basically a device that connects IoT devices in cars with home appliances such as thermostats and air conditioners.

Home Entertainment

Huge, flexible televisions are one of the top trends at CES, and products from Samsung and LG are creating a totally new TV-viewing experience. Bendable TV sets can be placed in any corner, and the screen size is getting bigger without taking up as much space in the home. It’s one trend that is certain to catch on with consumers in the very near future.

3-D Printing

Printing 3-D objects has been a hobby for early adopters of the technology, but devices such as the Airwolf printer can print with a larger range of materials than earlier printers. For example, it’s possible to make clothing and accessories from a computer using the printer, so it might even upset the fashion world.

The 2015 CES provided a glimpse into the future of technology for industry professionals and technology journalists. The products emerging from the convention will change the way consumers think of technology in the coming months and years.