The Top Three Beauty Trends 5W Saw at Adit Live NYC

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beauty products 07.25.23

The beauty industry is ever evolving, and Adit Live, independent beauty’s leading trade show for brands and retailers (and a client 5W is proud to partner with)  is all about introducing innovative products and rising trends that capture the attention of beauty enthusiasts everywhere. This summer, Adit Live NYC’s 2023 installation was a melting pot of creativity and ingenuity, showcasing the latest and greatest in the beauty world. With the 5W beauty team on hand to support clients and engage with media and influencers, we also took time out to check in on the latest in the beauty world. Read on for what we saw!

Body Mists are Back

In recent years, we’ve seen body mists be shelved in favor of perfumes and fragrances. At Adit Live, it was evident that body mists are making a major comeback – just in time for the summer heat! These lightweight, refreshing sprays offer a subtle yet alluring scent that lingers on the skin. What sets them apart from traditional perfumes is their ability to provide a burst of fragrance without overwhelming. Body mists are perfect for those who prefer a more casual and effortless approach to fragrance, and they are an excellent option for the warmer months when heavy perfumes can feel suffocating. We’ll certainly be keeping a selection on hand at the 5W offices! 

There’s Nothing Dry About Innovation in Dry Shampoo

Adit Live showcased an array of innovative hair care solutions. In particular we noticed a plethora of innovation and extension in the dry shampoo space with brands taking the concept of a dry hair care product and applying it to other uses. One standout example was the introduction of powdered sunscreen for the scalp. This ingenious product not only helps protect the scalp from harmful UV rays but also absorbs excess oil, refreshing the hair between washes. The idea of combining multiple benefits into a single hair product has the potential to revolutionize the way we care for and style our hair.

Seeing Double

We all have those high-end beauty products that we’ve been eyeing for ages, but their exorbitant price tags prevent us from indulging. Affordable alternatives for fan favorite products have been on the rise, and Adit Live highlighted the rising trend. We saw many brands aiming to capture the essence and effectiveness of high-end products while offering them at a fraction of the cost. From luxury skincare to cult-favorite makeup, the exhibit showcased an impressive range of budget-friendly alternatives that delivered comparable results. The emergence of dupes allows beauty enthusiasts to experience the joys of coveted products without breaking the bank. It also promotes inclusivity in the beauty industry, ensuring that quality and desirable beauty items are accessible to a wider audience.

Adit Live NYC provided us with a glimpse into the exciting future of the beauty industry, especially as this year’s event marked a major return to live beauty events. Check out our full recap of the event below:

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