5W Understands Consumer PR

5W Public Relations helps consumer products and brands build strong, authentic relationships with customers. Programs that apply the same message across all channels and audiences feel generic and fail to create lasting emotional connections with consumers. Our award-winning consumer division works with clients to tailor messages and strategies that speak to their key customers in different and meaningful ways.

We Help You Build Emotional Connections

Our process begins by building a strong voice that serves as a foundation for the brand and its messaging, allowing us to then develop programs that help consumers relate to products on a personal level. All of our tactics focus around creating a lasting emotional connection with consumers - which starts by connecting brands with their audience's needs, desires and aspirations.

Powerful Outcomes For Great Brands

We integrate all viable elements including social media, cause marketing, sampling, product integrations, events, contests and promotions, celebrity seeding and more to drive powerful outcomes for brands ranging from KRUPS to Anheuser-Busch, All-Clad to Sparkling ICE and many other established and emerging brands.

Creative Plans That Get Measurable Results

Whether executing creative plans that surprise and delight, making news that generates maximum media coverage, or engaging consumers where they least expect it, our results are unparalleled.


Our partnership with 5WPR over the past four years and combined focus on Sparkling ICE has helped Talking Rain become one of the fastest growing beverage companies in the U.S. The talented, passionate, hard-working 5W PR team has exceeded our expectations.
Nina Morrison, Vice President,Talking Rain Beverage Co. Makers of Sparkling ICE
5WPR has been such an asset to the growth of our brand over the years. They are responsive, sharp and always on the mark when dealing with our franchisees and the media around Camp Bow Wow. Franchise sales, unit revenue, brand recognition and franchise relations have all been influenced by our team there. They have been a huge part of our tremendous growth and we consider them part of the Camp Bow Wow family!
Heidi Ganahl, Founder & CEO, Camp Bow Wow

We couldn't be happier with the amazing team at 5WPR. They truly have become an extension of our department and always over deliver on every promise. We have watched our growth week over week and are so excited about their always fresh and innovative ideas. Our team is continually impressed by the constant care, dedication, and hard work that 5W has provided us.
Jenna Berman, Marketing & Communications SpecialistNations Photo Lab
5W knows how to hit the ground running! They know who’s who in the consumer reporting world and also how to communicate effectively with them for instant impact. It’s no-nonsense with 5W, and it’s totally refreshing.
James Kornacki, PhD & Chief Wine RevolutionaryUllo