CASE STUDY / Sparkling Ice


Sparkling ICE, one of the fastest growing non-alcoholic beverage brands in the country, is a client 5W has worked with since early 2012 when they engaged the team to help the brand break through the clutter of the crowded beverage space to become the preferred water offering refreshment and flavor. To break the mold of the water category, 5W has positioned Sparkling ICE as the go-to alternative to soft drinks and sparkling waters currently on the market, while raising awareness among consumers and highlighting it as a refreshing and great-tasting zero-calorie beverage to accompany a healthy lifestyle.

5W maintains strong momentum within the consumer space by garnering consistent national, regional and local media coverage for the brand, utilizing brand predications and messaging to build new relationships as well as strengthen more established ones.


5W carefully and successfully executes a pragmatic, aggressive consumer awareness and corporate communications public relations plan that consistently disseminates key messaging to consumer, business and trade media. While conducting continuous outreach, 5W also builds authentic partnerships with respected influencers and organizations who share the brand's vision, adventurous spirit and philanthropic nature, as well as securing national and regional brand ambassadors. 5W has provided non-stop, diligent media support and consult as the brand has tapped into big names such as NBA MVP Kevin Durant and Seattle Mariner Robinson Cano to become the faces of Sparkling ICE. Moreover, the overall strategy includes an element of corporate social responsibility by way of partnerships with well-known names in the space such as Susan G. Komen, Children's Miracle Network and The Boys & Girls Club, which portray Sparkling ICE as a symbol of family and friends coming together. Additionally, 5W pursues an aggressive product sampling campaign via influential consumer and industry partners and events, including iHeartRadio, New York Fashion Week, Roc Nation, VH1 Save the Music, and DreamWorks, that further expose the brand to new and potential consumers.

  • Helping them break
    through the clutter of the crowded beverage space


Increased sales by over 440% since starting with 5W, while helping its parent company, Talking Rain, become one of the fastest growing beverage companies in the U.S. In just one year 5W secured 712 media placements resulting in over 2.1 billion media impressions

Top tier placements have included:

  • The Wall Street Journal
  • CNBC' s Mad Money with Jim Cramer
  • Forbes
  • Marie Claire
  • Glamour
  • Every Day with Rachael Ray
  • Family Circle
  • The Daily Meal
  • The Nibble
  • ESPN and many more


Our partnership with 5W over the past four years and combined focus on Sparkling Ice has helped Talking Rain become one of the fastest growing beverage companies in the U.S. The talented, passionate, hard-working 5W team has exceeded our expectations.
Nina Morrison, Vice President,Talking Rain Beverage Co. - Makers of Sparkling ICE