5WPR Services

Integrated Marketing

5WPR creates integrated marketing campaigns that drive value. We enable cross-functional programs to support every client's growth strategy and brand ambitions. Our marketing programs target, attract, and motivate your audience.

Public Relations

5WPR's practice areas are designed to our clients' brand, sales and bottom-line results. We implement powerful, proactive and passionate media relations efforts, and offer a comprehensive range of integrated marketing services to meet the unique needs of every client.

Digital Marketing & Social Media

Our teams are avid explorers and users of both popular and emerging social media platforms. 5W understands how to create and execute digital programs that build brand following, increase sales, search rankings and more.

Strategic Planning

A successful campaign requires strategy, direction, and focus. At 5W, we identify and analyze short and long term goals, as well as examine where the organization stands right now.

Event Management

5WPR's creates customized events that communicate your brand message, whether you require one spectacular launch or seek to expose your product in multiple markets with simultaneous or consecutive live events.

Reputation Management

5WPR excels at search engine optimization (SEO) and online reputation management (ORM). We understand the value of organic media, as well as the key role that search engines play in reflecting branding and reputation.

Influencer & Celebrity Marketing

We maintain outstanding relationships with influencers in all arenas of lifestyle, entertainment, business, sports, and popular culture. Our expertise as an influencer marketing agency allows us to match the right influencer to your brand, service, product or event.

Product Integration

5WPR empowers brands to reach target audiences through proactive product placement. Our expertise enables us to help products break through the clutter in a crowded, distracted market.