Our Team


Entrepreneurship-often promised, seldom realized-has been our DNA for more than 20 years.

Our new leadership is steeped in that culture. We've grown in the right way-empowering talented individuals to collaborate, grow, and lead clients to success. It's why, in a revolving door industry, the average tenure for our team leaders is 11 years and we have a plethora of boomerang employees.

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There are many theories and models for predicting consumer behavior. One thing they all have in common is the need for some level of understanding around consumer...

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5W Public Relations helps some of the world's best brands to tell their story and build their following.

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Culture & Careers

We are united by a common DNA, a family of talented, bright, energized, and motivated people, committed to making an impact.

Whether you are an experienced PR professional or just starting out in the industry, we are always on the lookout for superstars looking for great public relations and social media jobs to join 5W. If you are sharp, resourceful, hardworking, and creative and are looking for a career where you can develop skills and thrive, we want to meet you.

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The world in which public relations operates has been shattered forever, millions of megaphones shape opinions.

Conversations are initiated and then grow wings of their own.


Perceptions are created, shaped, amplified and then yanked upside down in the twitch and burn of a news cycle.

Legendary brands wobble. New brands hijack imaginations and redefine markets.

5WPR has grown and flourished in this environment of dizzying change. Because to succeed today requires new skills, relentless energy, and a hunger for adaption.

At 5W we take no comfort in processes that mask an absence of results.

We attract and retain people who aren't satisfied by the mere act of coping with change, but want to create tomorrow.

This comes cascading down from the top of our organization, and is propelled upward from every employee.

5W is named for the five enduring and universal principles of effective communication. They still apply, but we reinvent them for the third decade of the 21st century.


There is no longer a single “who”. There are multiple whos, complex and overlapping audiences that need to be influenced and activated.


We are no longer in the era of the single message. There is the need for a calibrated, strategic messaging architecture.


Technology plus sophisticated message development gives us the ability to master the art of timing in new and exciting ways. When has never meant as much.


Never in history have there been so many wheres. Different audiences must be reached through all available channels, with messages bespoke to the nuances of each platform.


Every audience today is hyper-conscious of motivation - the why that drives innovation, behavior and ultimately, meaning.

While 5W works with many challenger brands, we also number many Goliaths among our Davids. They are special Goliaths, though, who are aware of the unique stresses they are under. And recognize the unique partners they require at their side.

We have become one of the top 10 independent public relations agencies in a time of unprecedented reinvention of the industry itself. PR is about relations with the public - and as publics change, 5WPR adapts.

To get there required a set of skills and talents that we are privileges to share with clients who see the world as we go.

As a place of combat, not complacency.

5WPR. Built for now.