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Branding, Public Relations/July 2nd, 2018/

Using PR to Build your Brand

For companies looking to build their brand in 2018, there’s no better tool than a solid PR strategy. The right plan can help to nurture […]

Public Relations/June 28th, 2018/

How PR Agents Can Become Strong Storytellers

Press releases and marketing campaigns naturally contain a lot of storytelling characteristics. For instance, a good PR story should have a plot – outlining the […]

Digital Media PR, Inspiration, Media Relations, Public Relations/June 25th, 2018/

Six Tips for Generating a Content Plan to Boost your PR Efforts

PR experts have a lot of experience creating exceptional content for their brands. In the digital marketing world, making the most of this content generation […]

Media Relations, Public Relations/June 22nd, 2018/

How to Maximize Public Relations Placements

One of the most important parts of any PR agency’s job is finding the right media coverage for their clients. Whether it’s a television slot […]

Branding, Public Relations/June 18th, 2018/

Why the WWE is a Multigenerational PR Success Story

As World Wrestling Entertainment comes off yet another successful pay per view event, Money in the Bank, there are rumblings in the media that this […]

Media Relations, Public Relations/June 12th, 2018/

You Earned that Media — Now what?

For far too many brands, getting the headline is the goal. They may not “say” that, but the way they operate their communications efforts proves […]

5WPR News/June 8th, 2018/

Five Ways PR can Help your Cryptocurrency Shoot to the Moon

It’s safe to say that the cryptocurrency market is growing bigger every day. Blockchain-based startups and cryptocurrency creators are appearing all over the world, offering […]

5WPR Workplace, Inspiration, Media Relations, Public Relations/June 6th, 2018/

Building a Balanced and Impactful Integrated PR Campaign

Sometimes, when a brand or personality wants to get a message out, they start by asking the wrong questions. In today’s fast-paced, internet-saturated world, it’s […]