Alex Rodriguez, a famous baseball player for the New York Yankees, has been a beloved icon of New York City. However A-Rod, as Rodriguez is affectionately known, has stumbled in and out of scandal throughout his career. The latest controversy may be the most damaging yet for A-Rod’s public image. The New York Times alleges A-Rod bought documents from a bio-gynesis clinic to cover up his suspected steroid use.

If these allegations are substantiated, it wouldn’t be the first time A-Rod was caught using steroids. In 2009, after irrefutable evidence surfaced, A-Rod admitted to steroid use. It seems with these current allegations, New York Yankee fans are finally fed up. Fox 5 News interviewed some fans outside of Yankee Stadium. Reactions ranged from sadness and disappointment to anger and frustration.

So will A-Rod be able to redeem his public image and recover from this public relations nightmare? Fox 5 News sought out the perspective of Ronn Torossian, a brand expert and C.E.O of 5WPR, a NY PR Firm used by many well known celebrities and brands. Torossian recalls A-Rod’s previous admission of guilt, predicting it will make his fans less likely to believe A-Rod and trust in him again. With A-Rod out for the season due to injury, he cannot equalize the consequences of his actions off the field with his superb performance on the field. Thus, maintaining his Public Relations is especially critical this year. The A-Rod brand seems to be permanently tarnished. For A-Rod to recover from this latest scandal would require one miraculous Public Relations job.


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