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Public Relations

Create Viral Campaigns with Measurable Results using the Ripple Marketing Effect


Any marketing director will admit that their primary focus is to consistently create content that will achieve viral status; however, far too many marketing campaigns […]

Digital Media PR, Public Relations/August 5th, 2015/

How to Stand Out In a Niche Food Market

The food and restaurant industry is a growing field that still has room for a great deal of growth. The secret is to find a […]

Food & Beverage, Public Relations/July 9th, 2015/

Quarter 3 Trends in Public Relations


Apologies to George Gershwin and DuBose Heyward for refuting lyrics to “Summertime,” the show tune from Broadway’s “Porgy and Bess.”

The livin’ may be easy […]

Digital Media PR, Industry News, Public Relations/July 6th, 2015/

Creating a Better Balance: Master your Work-Life Balance in the PR Industry


The public relations industry has some of the most involved jobs that take nearly all the time an individual can find. From pitching, growing a […]

Inspiration, Public Relations/June 29th, 2015/

4 Things You Must Include In Your Pre-launch Checklist

In a previous post, we highlighted how your company can benefit from tying in a product/company launch with PR – and the huge ROI that […]

Public Relations, Startups/June 10th, 2015/

Creating Positive Results for Your Medical Doctor PR Campaign

Doctors, hospital professionals and anyone in the medical field spends a lot of time and energy learning their craft. PR pro’s do the same. As soon […]

Branding, Healthcare, Public Relations, Technology Marketing/June 8th, 2015/

Using PR to Increase Awareness of Travel and Hospitality Destinations

Keeping tourist destinations hot and relevant is the where tourism and hospitality meet public relations. PR can raise the profile of emerging destinations and enhance […]

Branding, Public Relations, Travel & Hospitality/May 8th, 2015/

What is a Press Release?


Since a press release can offer any business many benefits and be a powerful tool for marketing, it is important for public relations professionals to […]

Digital Media PR, Public Relations/April 7th, 2015/