Teenager Starts Own Online Business with Bitcoin Fortune

Some people sneer at the notion of succeeding on the Internet through technology, but others have already learned that, as 15-year-old entrepreneur Erik Finman asserts, “You can create anything you want with no barrier to entry on the Internet.”

Finman is not just boasting emptily, however; the Idaho teen invested the $1,000 that was a gift from his grandmother into the then-new Internet currency of bitcoin, which he later sold for $100,000 a year and a half later – creating terrific Technology Public Relations for the crypto-currency community. The traction bitcoin has gained and Finman’s actions serve as good public relations for technological advancement over the Internet.

The Future of Bitcoin and the Cyptocurrency Industry

Education via the Internet is hardly a new concept, but Finman has started up a business called Botangle with his $100,000 that he wants to use to help people get educated entirely through the Internet.

Finman felt that his own education had been inadequate, so he has been supplementing his education with Internet classes. The idea of the online diploma or online education has long been a joke to many people, but the actions of people like Erik Finman have served to make the idea of an online education more respectable.

Another public relations boom for online technology has been the emergence of bitcoin, which is an online currency that has moved from the shadowy domains of Internet message boards and forums to the public eye.

Finman had the vision to anticipate how big bitcoin would become; he even pays his employees in bitcoin because he believes that this online currency is only going to get more popular and viable in the future.

Where people would have once scoffed at the notion of being paid in such currency, stories like Finman’s help validate the idea of strictly online currency in the public’s perception.

Finman believes in his educational model to the degree that he does not even want to attend college. He has a deal with his parents that he will not have to attend college if he makes a million dollars, and he is well on his way to doing so.

Whether or not education will ever be completely available over the Internet, Finman’s achievements and company are great public relations accomplishments for technology.

If a 15-year-old can amass six figures from investing in bitcoin and can then start his own online company, then anyone with the drive and vision could do so as well.