This week, People Magazine named Gwyneth Paltrow as “the world’s most beautiful woman.” After the announcement, it became clear that many people did not agree. OMG covered the social media backlash against People magazine’s choice and reported that just two weeks prior Star Magazine published poll results stating Paltrow was voted as the “most hated celebrity in Hollywood.” Sharon Osbourne weighed in on the controversy during her show,The Talk:  Is Gwyneth Paltrow “the most beautiful woman alive? No. She’s got a good publicist though.”

Whether you agree with Sharon Osbourne and think Paltrow’s title as People’s most beautiful woman was  the result of a brilliant PR Job, or you think Paltrow deserves such an accolade, one thing is beyond debate: People’s choice was a public relations grand slam for the Paltrow image. OMG sought out the insight of Ronn Torossian, a brand expert and founder of 5WPR, the leading. Torossian congratulated Paltrow on her miraculous recovery from the public relations crisis created two weeks earlier. Torossian translated what being named the world’s most beautiful woman could do for Paltrow’s public image and overall appeal: “ America’s most beautiful woman is a big win for [Paltrow] and for her brand.” Not only is such an accolade redeeming in the public eye, but it can also be exalting. “It could open the door for so many different opportunities” explains Torossian.

The title as the world’s most beautiful woman could not have come at a better time for Paltrow. Her latest flick Iron Man 3 is set to debut in theaters next week and Paltrow’s 2nd cook book, “Its All Good,” was just listed as #1 on The New York Times’ “Bestseller List.”