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Media Relations

Fundamental PR Lessons from Last Year’s Big PR Messes

For those who would rather learn from others’ mistakes than make the same ones themselves, last year was a treasure trove of wisdom. Nearly every […]

Industry News, Media Relations, Public Relations/August 29th, 2018/

The PR Power of an Authentic Story

Yes, there can be a lot of flash and redirection in the course of a public relations campaign, but, at the heart of every campaign, […]

Crisis Communications, Inspiration, Media Relations, Public Relations/August 23rd, 2018/

How to Craft a Contagious PR Message

For many people, sharing their message is easy. The real hurdle is how to get people to listen. The fact is, that can be a […]

Digital Media PR, Inspiration, Media Relations, Public Relations/August 19th, 2018/

Interactive Native Content And How It Will Help Brands

Brands in the online world are constantly looking for ways to strengthen their presence and reach new markets. Usually, this means experimenting with new types […]

Media Relations, Public Relations/August 16th, 2018/

The Best Way to Handle a Bad Media Interview

Landing an important interview with a popular industry publication can be an exciting part of a company’s PR strategy. However, while good interviews have the […]

Marketing Your Book Using PR

Companies and politicians aren’t the only people who need PR to help them build a reputation for themselves in today’s competitive marketplace. PR can also […]

Branding, Consumer Products, Digital Media PR, Inspiration, Media Relations/July 25th, 2018/

Defining Your Online Brand In 2018

Building a brand is no easy task. A lot of people assume that their brand is just a logo or a specific selection of colors, […]

Branding, Inspiration, Media Relations, Public Relations/July 17th, 2018/

Six Tips for Generating a Content Plan to Boost your PR Efforts

PR experts have a lot of experience creating exceptional content for their brands. In the digital marketing world, making the most of this content generation […]

Digital Media PR, Inspiration, Media Relations, Public Relations/June 25th, 2018/