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Social and Digital Media

Five Ways to Spot a Flaky Influencer

The rise of the Influencer cannot be overstated, and Influencer Marketing can be your firm’s best secret weapon. Still, as with any industry, the world […]

Branding, Digital Media PR, Public Relations, Social and Digital Media/October 15th, 2018/

Micro-Influencers & Social Media

If 2017 was the year of the influencer, where does that leave us now?

The third annual Launchmetrics State of Influencer Marketing Report at the end […]

Digital Media PR, Public Relations, Social and Digital Media/September 26th, 2018/

Snapchat Introduces Voice Controlled Lenses: Taking Selfies to the Next Level

Social media giant Snapchat is now introducing a new series of lenses to their platform that can respond to voice commands. The audio lenses will […]

Public Relations, Social and Digital Media, Social Media Agency/August 13th, 2018/

5 Reasons to Start Using Instagram Influencer Marketing

Want a million followers on a social media network? The simplest solution could be to turn to influencer marketing. Brands and influencers all over the […]

5 Content Tips to Apply to Your Brand’s Digital Strategy

By: Kelsea, Social Media Director

While social media algorithms and trends are always changing, one thing still holds true: content is king. This means that brands […]

Social and Digital Media/April 13th, 2018/

The Social Media Story: Instagram vs. Snapchat

By: Lauren, Social Media Manager
How Instagram is shaping 2018 social media trends for brands
Just 17 months was all it took for Instagram’s popular Stories feature […]

Social and Digital Media/January 22nd, 2018/

Influencer Marketing: Long-Term Relationships

By: Elizabeth, Social Media Manager

I have a confession.  I saw Julia Engle of Gal Meets Glam in a J.Crew top and it took less than […]

Social and Digital Media/November 9th, 2017/

Interview with Influencers @laurenmagenta and @feedmedearly

By: Kelsea, Social Media Director

Influencer marketing continues to grow, with brands investing more and more in influencer partnerships each day. Through these partnerships, brands and […]

Social and Digital Media/October 26th, 2017/