Marketing Skills Essential for PR Professionals

Improving brand awareness and profitability boils down to integrating PR, marketing and other sales strategies to optimize a brand’s overall message. This is both important for consumer engagement as well as client relations. On top of that, an integrated campaign ensures messaging remains consistent across multiple platforms like social media, print media, advertising and internal communications.

For PR professionals, integrating marketing and PR requires some additional skills that marketing professionals use every day. Here are some of the key marketing skills PR professionals should master to step up their game:

Content Marketing        

PR professionals are adept in creating a variety of content suitable for a wide range of audiences. This is something they practice every day. In the world of marketing, this is known as content marketing or content creation, and it includes copy, graphics, visuals and video content.

Expand your content skills on par with marketing professionals by learning and mastering skills in photography, videography and graphic design. If this seems a bit too difficult and time consuming, then at least understand how these sources work alongside copy to deliver a strong message.

Social Media Marketing

The use of social media marketing is crucial to a successful brand. This means creating content, measuring campaigns and gathering insights on social media. After you’ve nailed the content marketing skills, learn how to effectively present this content via social media. The last step is monitoring social media to gather insights and report findings.

It is important to understand the algorithm of each social media platform to find out how to make the most of organic or unsponsored content. If you want to go the extra mile, get in touch with a media monitoring company to track various aspects of your online and social media engagement.

Research & Analysis

Research and analysis skills are key to understanding your audience and your market. It further helps you explore different markets and understand industry trends. Research is crucial for marketing teams because without it there wouldn’t be anything to base their efforts.

Sharpen your research skills by learning how to dig into data and other resources to find out relevant insights for your brand. While online searching is the best way to get started, don’t be afraid to go further and look into online libraries as well as government databases and reports. There is a whole world of information available on the internet, make the best of it!

Competitor Analysis

Marketing 101 undoubtedly includes the ability to understand, monitor, measure and analyse competitor activity. A PR consultant should already have a grasp on the competitor’s media voice and exposure. Take this a step further by tracking their marketing and advertising activity to get a handle on their communications strategy. This involves analysing their present and past campaigns and promotional activity both online and offline. It won’t be too long before you start noticing trends. Such information can be used to your advantage.

With a combination of these marketing skills and already existing PR knowledge, PR professionals will be able to implement new and integrated strategies to boost the profit potential of their clients.