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Brands in the Metaverse 03.21.22

A number of brands, such as Duracell, Pizza Hut, and Bombay Sapphire, have already joined the Metaverse. Many of those brands are working with the creative agency Hogarth Worldwide, which has managed to create The Metaverse Foundry.

Hogarth Worldwide, a WPP-owned global company that provides marketing implementation services, created The Metaverse Foundry as a resource to all clients of WPP. This resource gives WPP’s clients suggestions for ways to develop immersive VR experiences in the Metaverse.

Different brands are at different stages of joining the Metaverse. Some of them are just getting into the Metaverse now, while others are working at a more advanced stage.

That’s where The Metaverse Foundry is helpful, as it’s combined the forces of over 700 creative content specialists, visual artists, producers, developers, and technologists.

One of the goals that companies have been working towards with the Metaverse is implementing mass adoption of the metaverse. One of the key pillars of the Foundry’s approach is creating creative experiences for users that get them acquainted with the Metaverse.

The organization is also trying to get users to be more open to the culture of a virtual community, and to create space for all the different brands in the Metaverse.

The goal of the Metaverse is to build communities, which means that brands can’t go into the space with a specific marketing or sales agenda. They first need to figure out how to make payments in the new environment, how to change the model for consumer access, and how to create experiences or products for consumers.


To adapt to the early stages of the VR environment and experience, companies have to keep in mind the most appealing thing about the Metaverse – decentralization. That’s the reason why Hogarth Worldwide has titled its project The Metaverse Foundry.

Hogarth Worldwide also created its own digital space titled Decentraland, where users can create their own artworks and environments, while brands can host events there. It’s a great place for virtual assets too, where users can trade and buy land as well as wearables for their digital avatars.

Acura Integration

Recently, the luxury automaker Acura announced that it would become the first company to open its digital showroom in the Metaverse, in this case, in Hogarth Worldwide’s Decentraland.

This showroom is going to be titled Acura of Decentraland, and the brand will be debuting the 2023 Integra there. The first 500 car buyers who reserve this new vehicle model are also going to get the opportunity to claim a limited-edition NFT designed by Andreas Wannerstedt, a 3D artist.

Any consumer that reserves the car will receive a base NFT that they can later upgrade to a unique NFT when the car gets delivered.


Another brand that joined the new digital space Decentraland was the lifestyle brand Skechers. The brand has a trademark application that will allow it to sell virtual goods in the digital space, with a digital lease in Decentraland’s Fashion District.

More announcements are expected from Skechers regarding what the virtual store will look like, as well as which products visitors can see when they visit it. The company’s trademark includes the sales of apparel and footwear, among other things.

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