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The public perception of cannabis has not yet caught up with the immense amount of benefits it can provide and there is still a lot of misunderstanding and misconceptions around CBD and THC products and use.

5WPR are masters at building brands in emerging industries, crafting focused campaigns that dispel any misunderstandings and misconceptions around CBD and THC product use and highlight their immense benefits as the industry continues to explode.

We understand what it takes to make a brand stand out and cut through any confusion. It's important to get your businesses messaging right from the beginning or run the risk of falling behind as the industry develops rapidly. We know how to strategically manage messages and frame debates.

What sets us apart is that we are not a CBD and cannabis-only agency...5W has CBD and cannabis experts across the agency, especially within our consumer wellness practice. These experts not only have the industry knowledge needed to represent our clients, but also have the experience and ability to secure coverage and develop relationships within mainstream consumer media.


We specialize in framing the narrative through innovative strategies and unparalleled media access. Our reputation for combining cutting edge strategies with rapid-fire engagement, helps us achieve brand building results.

We know how to tell your brand story in a way that resonates with media and your key stakeholders reading the coverage we generate. In an emerging industry the education piece of a PR program is critical and requires patience, persistence and powerful storytelling - all of which your 5W team brings to your team.


5W leverages the industry-leading capabilities of our senior leadership experts in the space to equip clients with the necessary knowledge, innovation, and creativity to achieve top-tier engagement and drive growth-oriented results in an ever-changing world. We understand this is a "defining moment" for cannabis and we want to maximize our presence while the industry is hot - and for this reason, our speed is coupled by real time analysis of every possible scenario prior to taking action.


We are dedicated to cannabis, because we believe in the future of the cannabis industry! We understand that the health and wellness benefits of cannabis has the potential to not only change a life but the course of history. Our passion and focus on the industry means that we are up to date with all relevant legislation, trends and new players on the scene. We drive this awareness and perception by breaking down barriers and ideating impactful stories to an unmatched network of outlets.

Some of our notable clients include CBDistillery, a Balanced Health Botanicals Brand and the number one online retailer of hemp-derived CBD products; HighHemp, makers of the world's first 100% hemp blunt wrap; Cannabiniers, leaders in smoke-free cannabis consumption brands with products such as Two Roots, Creative Waters, and Just Society; NABIS Holdings, leading investment company focused on multiple aspects of the cannabis sector; Ionic Brands, national cannabis holding company focused on building consumer brands; and canafarma, a hemp investment company involved in growing, processing and product development; House of Wise, cbdMD and Extract Labs.

5W is dedicated to getting results for us by being proactive, and constantly finding ways of inserting us into relevant conversations. They are scrappy, connected, and always available to our team. It's clear to me that they are always looking for ways for us to succeed.

Chris Van Dusen, Chief Growth Officer,

They positioned us as the go-to experts in CBD for top publications when they had questions about our industry...They've been great. Any time I need them, they're available. We're also rapidly growing and they've been able to adapt.

Balanced Health Botanicals,
PR Coordinator

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