Gen Z Trends: May & June 2023

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Often characterized by a dark/cynical sense of humor, total absurdity, and constantly evolving meme culture, Gen Z often sounds like they’re speaking their own language! 🗣

Here’s what you need to know about the most trend obsessed generation in history: 

Gen Z Slang

  • Camp: Something that is ironically trendy (EX: Crocs embody the camp aesthetic).
  • Take several seats: If someone is really getting on your nerves, you might tell them to take several seats.
  • Periodt: Using this at the end of the statement adds emphasis or intensity to the point made.
  • Guap: Money and lots of it $$$$

Gen Z News

  • Forbes: Young entrepreneurs, specifically millennials and Gen Z, are changing the business landscape. They are disrupting traditional business models and creating innovative solutions to problems with their fresh perspectives.
  • New York Post: Gen Z struggles to make and keep friendships due to a variety of factors, including social media, a lack of face-to-face interaction, and the pressure to constantly be productive. Alternative methods of meeting new people and maintaining friendships may be the future for Gen Z, including the use of apps and social networking sites like Bumble BFF and Facebook groups.
  • New York Post: Gen Zers are the worst tippers compared to other age groups, and particularly at restaurants. Some people attribute this trend to the fact that Gen Zers are more likely to use digital payment methods that don’t prompt them to leave a tip, and that they may not have as much disposable income as older age groups.
  • Insider: Gen Z is taking to TikTok to make fun of Millennial humor. The trend has sparked a big debate about the differences between the two generations. Gen Zers find Millennials’ humor to be outdated and cringey, they prefer more self-aware and ironic forms of humor. This trend is the start of a huge generational shift, as younger generations tend to reject the cultural values

Social Media Influencers We Love📱

  • Jake Shane @Octopusslover8 – Featured on Rolling Stone, Variety Magazine, Elite Daily, & more everyone wants to be friends with TikTok’s favorite comedian that is the GOAT of rehashing ancient history!! In short, humorous skits, Jake role-plays dilemmas & gossipy moments from the past and has even collabed with celebs such as Sofia Rchie, Alix Earle, The Jonas Brothers, and more!
  • Sofia Richie @sofiarichiegrainge – It’s Sofia Richie’s wealthy young wife era, and many women are living vicariously through her! Previously, the 24-year old was primarily known for her famous dad, Lionel Richie, older sister, Nicole, and past relationship with Scott Disick. That is, until she launched her TikTok account the same weekend as her star-studded wedding in the south of France to British music executive Elliot Grainge. Since then there has been non-stop chatter on her style, aesthetic and overall modest yet luxurious presence. A handful of TikTok trends including fashion and makeup looks have been modeled after her and even a “Sofia Richie Walk” has been recreated countless times by fans after Sophia posted this TikTok post!

Celebrity Drama ⭐️

Trending Beauty Hacks TV Shows, Fashion Styles, & More 🤩

Beauty Hacks We Love:

  • “Latte Makeup” – This Warm & Bronzy look is taking Tik Tok by storm seen by creators like Rachel Rigler and Danielle Estrada. The look is all about an effortless look with minimal coverage using tinted moisturizers, dark eye shadows, warm bronzers, a touch of concealer, and mascara. There is no color in this look – just bronzy warmth!
  • “Mermaid Haircut” – Given the obsession with the new little Mermaid movie and mermaid makeup, this trend caught traction quickly. Shared by hairstylist Lila Styles, the haircut is perfect for someone with natural waves, but does not want to style their hair. The cut is achieved by having minimal layers to get a flowy, beautiful cut.
  • “Barbiecore Beauty ”– With the new live-action Barbie Movie coming out soon, the barbiecore era is back and better than ever with hot pink and blowouts being seen everywhere. To achieve these voluminous blowouts incorporating a great volumizing & conditioning shampoo and conditioner and blow dry with a round brush. For makeup, finding your favorite pink lipstick or gloss, a pinky blush, shimmery pink/ nude eyeshadow, and a slight wing are the way to go for your barbie inspired look!

Fashion Styles We’re Repping: 

  • All sheer everything – this trend is a direct result of the spring/summer 2023 runways 
  • Rosettes – dress it up or dress it down, these chokers are being seen everywhere and anywhere
  • Low waisted jeans/pants – the return of Y2K! Low rise jeans, cargos, you name it!
  • Super cropped crop tops – individuals are pairing their low rise pants with super cropped crop tops 
  • Headbands – TikTok loves to style these in so many different ways!

Binge Worthy TV Shows

  • The Bear Season 2 – The Bear is back for a second season and people are very excited. This comedy-drama is all about food, family, and the work grind. It will have you hooked and on the edge of your seat.
  • Temptation Island – This show is all about testing relationships while surrounded by singles of the opposite sex on a tropical island. Together, the couples are challenged in order to see if they can commit to one another or, if they would rather go their separate ways- perhaps with a single on the island.
  • The Kardashians Season 3 – The Kardashians are back for season 3! From relationship issues and motherhood to bumping heads and building their own empires, this season looks to be very intriguing.
  • Love Island UK Season 10 – This British dating reality show follows a group of contestants, called “islanders” who live in a villa in Spain, isolated from the world. The new season of Love Island is always highly anticipated each year. The show is known for its drama, love triangles, and unexpected twists. 
  • And Just Like That Season 2– This reboot of the classic ‘Sex and the City’ is everything we could ask for and more. The first season was a fan fav and the second season is living up to the hype so far as well. It’s being speculated that we will see guest appearances this season from both Kim Cattrall and John Corbett.
  • The Idol– According to HBO, The Idol premiere had more streams than both Euphoria and The White Lotus. Due mostly to the star studded cast, which included The Weeknd, Lily-Rose Depp, Dan Levy, and more, the show was supposed to be a knockout. Unfortunately, The Idol ended just short of the last episode due to backlash for the explicit and degrading portrayal of women.
  • The Bachelorette– Known for the chaotic rose ceremonies and alluring destination dates, the Bachelorette is back for season 20. This season follows Charity, who came in fourth place last season on the Bachelor, on her journey as she tries to find love among this year’s male contestants.

Trending Songs We’re Playing on Repeat 🔁 

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