Secret to Hiring Top Public Relations Professionals

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Secret to Hiring Top Public Relations Professionals 27.05.13

Public relations is not a business for the meek or the thin-skinned and PR jobs are not always easy. But I LOVE this job! So, if you might be interested in PR internships or you are looking to land a job here at 5WPR, you should…

Be creative, of course

Knowing theory just won’t cut it in this business. I’m not saying it’s not a good idea to study marketing and persuasive communication, but the brass tacks here is that you have to be able to apply those principles BETTER than your competition. Notice I did not say “as well as” or “similarly to” your competition. If you do not clearly provide better results than your competitor, your clients will become their clients. It’s just that simple. So you need to think not just differently – but more impactfully, more effectively

Be willing to say “no”

We’ve all seen them. Ads that make no sense and do nothing for the brand. Speeches that actually hurt the one making the statement. Makes you cringe. But do you know what’s worse? Somebody greenlit those things. And somebody else okayed it! I’m not talking about subjective here. I’m talking about the sorts of mistakes that are clear to anyone with a functioning amygdala. If those ideas pop up in a brainstorming session or someone makes an off the cuff suggestion they instantly regret, I want people willing to ruffle feathers by saying, “no.” Bad idea. Let’s do better.

Have a reason

This is really part two of point two, but I separated it because it is equally important from a public relations standpoint. If you want to be successful at any PR jobs you are lucky enough to land, you better have a reason for your opinion. It is not enough just to say you don’t like something. So you have an opinion. Good for you. Now back that up … or sit back down. The point here is not to be combative but to explain a simple expectation. This is a demand I make to all of my employees because I expect it of myself.

Want to know more about what it takes to succeed in public relations here at 5WPR? Get your courage up and your clips together and contact us right  here. See if you have what it takes to build your career with one of the top public relations firms in New York.

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