How Beauty Brands Can Celebrate International Women’s Day

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International Women’s Day is an annual, global, celebration to honor women’s social, economic, cultural and political achievements. Companies can leverage the day to promote inclusivity and offer empowering products. Beauty brands in particular should focus on promoting self-care, confidence and empowerment.


Beauty brands can honor International Women’s Day 2023 with diverse campaigns that feature a range of ages, races, and body types. Doing so will help combat negative beauty standards and promote inclusivity. It also shows women that their worth isn’t determined by an arbitrary ideal, but rather by their individuality. 


Beauty brands wondering how to celebrate International Women’s Day can bolster women-owned businesses by partnering with female suppliers and manufacturers. This show of support and strength sends a message of solidarity to women globally.


Beauty brands can also donate a part of their profits to organizations supporting female empowerment. This could be through partnering with organizations offering education and job training to underprivileged women. By doing so, beauty PR can help provide the tools needed for women’s success in life and work. 


Commemorating International Women’s Day can mean releasing special product lines or limited edition collections . Such products should promote self-care and self-love, as well as inspire confidence and empowerment. Ideas include lipsticks with empowering names and skincare collections that celebrate natural beauty. 


Companies can mark International Women’s Day 2023 through events and online campaigns. Events should focus on bringing women together to support each other. Social media campaigns, for instance, can encourage women to share stories of strength and resilience. Events can also offer a platform for women to learn from and support one another’s journeys. 


Brands must recognize International Women’s Day as more than a marketing opportunity. They can affect change by promoting inclusivity, supporting women-owned businesses, and donating to women’s organizations. Beauty brands can also create empowering products and campaigns for lasting impact – helping women feel represented and appreciated.

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