How to Prepare for Your PR Summer Internship

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PR is a dynamic industry that requires strong communication and problem-solving skills, as well as organization and attention to detail. A summer internship can provide valuable hands-on experience and learning opportunities from experienced professionals for those pursuing a PR career.

Researching the Company

Researching the company is crucial before starting a PR internship. Interns should visit the company’s website and review their mission statement, values, and past projects. Additionally, it’s important to research the company’s clients, competitors, and industry trends. This will provide a deeper understanding of the company’s goals, values, and clients.

Brushing up on Basic Skills

One of the most important things a new intern can do to prepare for a PR internship is to brush up on basic skills that will be essential to the job. This may include writing, communication, organization, and time management skills. New interns can practice these skills by taking online courses or participating in workshops that focus on improving these skills.

Connecting with Other PR Professionals

Networking is crucial in the PR industry. Interns should be connecting with other PR professionals on LinkedIn, attending industry events, and joining online PR communities to stay informed of industry trends and broaden your network. This also allows interns to find mentors and learn tips and advice from public relations professionals.

Developing a Professional Presence on Social Media

Having a professional presence on social media is crucial in PR. To achieve this, interns should update their LinkedIn profile and highlight their skills and accomplishments. Following PR professionals and industry leaders on social media can keep interns informed about current news and trends.

Reading Industry Publications and Blogs

To succeed in the PR industry, it’s essential to stay informed about trends and current events. New PR interns can subscribe to industry publications, such as PRWeek or Provoke Media, and read PR blogs to stay up-to-date on the latest news and developments.

Preparing a Professional Portfolio

A professional portfolio can help showcase intern skills and experience to potential employers. Before starting a PR internship, it’s important to take the time to gather writing samples, media pitches, and other relevant materials that demonstrate the intern’s skills and accomplishments.

Setting Goals for the Internship

Before starting an internship, interns should set goals for what they hope to achieve. This may include gaining experience in a specific area of PR, developing a new skill, or networking with industry professionals. Setting goals can help keep interns motivated and focused during their PR internships.

Asking Questions

During the internship, interns shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions. They should ask their supervisor and other PR professionals for feedback on their work, and seek advice on how to improve. This will help them learn from experienced professionals and make the most of a PR internship.

Being Open to Learning

The PR industry is constantly evolving, and there’s always something new to learn. It’s important to be open to learning from peers and mentors and taking advantage of any training opportunities that are available. This will help young professionals develop new skills and stay up-to-date with industry trends.

Staying Positive and Professional

Lastly, it’s important to stay positive and professional during a PR internship. That means being proactive, taking initiative, and showing a willingness to learn. This will help interns make a good impression on their supervisor and other PR professionals. It can also lead to future job opportunities.

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