What You Can Do With a Public Relations Degree

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A public relations degree offers diverse career opportunities. Professionals in this field shape and maintain organizational reputations, manage communication strategies, and engage with stakeholders.

Public relations specialist

PR specialists develop and implement communication strategies to promote and protect client or organizational reputation. They create press releases, media pitches, and coordinate interviews to generate positive media coverage. PR specialists build relationships with journalists, bloggers, and influencers to secure media placements and handle crisis communication when necessary.

Media relations manager

Media relations managers focus on cultivating relationships with media outlets to ensure positive coverage for their organization or clients. They pitch story ideas, manage media inquiries, and organize press events to attract media attention. A media relations manager is skilled at crafting compelling press materials and fostering positive relationships with journalists and reporters.

Corporate communications manager

In corporate settings, communications managers oversee internal and external communication initiatives. They handle employee communications, manage press releases, coordinate public announcements, and maintain the company’s public image. Corporate communications managers play a vital role in ensuring consistent messaging across all communication channels.

Social media manager

Social media managers with a public relations degree are now crucial for organizations due to the growing significance of social media in communication strategies. These managers are responsible for developing and executing social media campaigns, engaging with the audience, monitoring brand mentions, and analyzing data to optimize social media performance.

Event planner

Event planning is another exciting career path for individuals with a public relations degree. Event planners organize and manage various events, including product launches, press conferences, fundraisers, and corporate gatherings. They work closely with clients, vendors, and stakeholders to ensure successful event execution and positive media coverage.

Public affairs specialist

Public affairs specialists with a public relations degree work in government agencies, non-profit organizations, and corporations to communicate with the public and influence policy decisions. They engage with stakeholders, develop advocacy campaigns, and manage issues related to public policy and government affairs.

Content marketing specialist

Content marketing specialists create and distribute valuable content to attract and engage target audiences. They use their PR skills to develop compelling content that aligns with the brand’s messaging and resonates with the intended audience. Content marketing specialists often work in collaboration with PR and marketing teams to achieve broader communication objectives.

Crisis communication manager

A crisis communication manager is responsible for developing strategies to handle and mitigate crises that may damage an organization’s reputation. They are adept at managing sensitive situations, providing timely responses, and maintaining transparency during challenging times.

Brand manager

Brand managers are responsible for overseeing and promoting the brand’s image and values. They work on developing brand messaging, managing brand consistency, and executing brand-related campaigns to enhance brand awareness and loyalty.

Public relations consultant

For those who prefer flexibility and variety in their career, becoming a public relations consultant can be an excellent option after getting a public relations degree. PR consultants work independently or with agencies, providing strategic communication advice to clients across various industries. They often work on diverse projects, offering fresh perspectives and solutions to their clients’ communication challenges.

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