Tips for Driving Traffic to Your Brand’s Amazon Storefront

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As one of the largest online marketplaces in the world, Amazon offers a tremendous opportunity for brands to reach a massive audience and drive sales. Creating an Amazon Storefront allows brands to showcase their products in a personalized and branded shopping experience. However, with millions of sellers and products on the platform, driving traffic to an Amazon Storefront can be a challenge. 

Optimizing product listings

Start by optimizing the product listings with relevant keywords, high-quality images, and compelling product descriptions. This will improve their chances of ranking higher in Amazon’s search results, making it easier for potential customers to find the products.

Utilizing sponsored ads

Amazon offers various advertising options, including Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands, which can help increase visibility for the products and drive traffic to the Storefront.

Leveraging social media

Promote the Amazon Storefront on the brand’s social media channels to redirect followers and fans to the Storefront. Utilize engaging content and special offers to entice potential customers to visit.

Running promotions and discounts

Offering limited-time promotions and discounts can create a sense of urgency and encourage visitors to explore an Amazon Storefront.

Incorporating influencer marketing

Partner with influencers who align with the brand to promote the Amazon Storefront to their followers. Influencer endorsements can significantly impact traffic and sales.

Using Amazon Attribution

Amazon Attribution is a tool that allows brands to track the performance of off-Amazon marketing efforts, such as social media, display ads, and search. By measuring the impact of external marketing efforts, companies can fine-tune their strategies to drive more traffic to their Amazon Storefront.

Implementing customer reviews and ratings

Positive customer reviews and high ratings can instill confidence in potential buyers and increase the likelihood of them visiting a Storefront.

Leveraging Amazon Live

Amazon Live is a live-streaming platform within Amazon that allows sellers to showcase their products in real time. Use Amazon Live to engage with customers, demonstrate products, and drive traffic to a Storefront.

Participating in Amazon Prime Day and Deals

Taking advantage of Amazon’s major shopping events, such as Prime Day and Lightning Deals, can attract more traffic to a Storefront during peak shopping periods.

Optimizing for mobile

With a significant portion of Amazon shoppers using mobile devices, ensure that the Storefront is optimized for mobile browsing and provides a seamless user experience.

How to create an Amazon Storefront

Creating an Amazon Storefront is a straightforward process. The first thing is to ensure that the seller account on the platform is professional. This gives users access to the Amazon Storefront feature. After that, it’s time to log into the Seller Central account and open Manage Stores in the Advertising tab. There, users can create a store by selecting the brand name from the drop-down menu. Anyone that’s eligible for the Storefront feature will be redirected to Amazon’s Store Builder. Inside, it’s time to choose a template that aligns with the brand’s style and design preferences. Amazon also provides various pre-designed templates that users can customize. That customization includes things like adding a logo, compelling copy that highlights the products and brands story, as well as brand images. The images should be of high quality to showcase the products in a more attractive way. After that, it’s time to organize the products into categories and add product tiles to the Storefront that need to have a product image, title, and description. To have storefront visitors easily find and browse through products, it’s smart to create an intuitive navigation structure. Once all this is done, it’s time to preview the Storefront to ensure it functions well and looks appealing, and publish it to make the Storefront live.

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