Changing Consumer Habits

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Changing Consumer Habits 12.29.22

Changes in consumer behaviors and purchasing decisions are always happening, however, with the advancement in technology, and society in general, these changes are happening faster than ever, which has left companies feeling like they are desperately trying to play catch up. Here, we explore different ways for companies to adapt to recent changes in consumer behavior, and purchasing decisions to be able to generate customer loyalty.

Data security

Customers increasingly are more and more aware, and hesitant, of where their data lives online.  They have started to expect a certain level of protection and safekeeping against any of their data being distributed, sold, or misused, and this concern is only growing. Over half of all customers have stated that they want to see changes in the way that businesses operate, putting a bigger emphasis on protecting them against the threat of personal privacy and data online. According to studies, there has been a nearly 70% increase in the number of data breaches in the last couple of years, and the cost that these breaches have to businesses, both in terms of financial, as well as in terms of customer retention can be quite severe. The best way for companies to adapt to this change is to make sure they’re able to prevent data breaches by using secure tools for all business operations.


Another big trend with customers that is likely here to stay is a focus on sustainability and eco-friendly business practices. According to a study from last year, nearly 90% of consumers stated that they’ve decided to change their purchasing decisions to make them more sustainable in the last few years, which means sustainability is one of the driving factors in their purchasing decisions these days. One of the best ways for companies to adapt to this change is to start investing in eco-friendly business practices and sustainability, however, companies will also have to invest in showing consumers how they have become more sustainable over the long run. For example, a lot of business operations can easily be transferred to operate digitally, which is going to eliminate the need for various practices that directly contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution, and added landfill waste. Additionally, companies can also attract more potential customers, and generate more conversions by making sure consumers are also able to make sustainable purchasing decisions that align with their values and interests. For instance, companies can allow their customers to choose whether they would like to receive a paperless billing, which is going to be sent to their email or even make that a default option instead of sending them more paper that will eventually end up in a landfill.

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