Creating Effective Content on Instagram

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Creating Effective Content on Instagram 12.23.22

It’s no surprise that most of the content that people consume online these days is visual, whether that’s going to be photos and images, videos, or infographics, so it should be no surprise that companies that want to generate more attention and loyalty need to create memorable visual content for their audiences The good news is that, today, creating this content is much easier than it used to be, given the advancement in both hardware (phones, microphones and video cameras) and editing software to help with post production. Plus, the consumer has changed and while audiences still engage with high-value production, on certain platforms they are accustomed to, and even primed, for low-production, short-form content. This continues to be evident on Instagram, where companies can share in-feed posts, stories or Reels to great effect. Here, we explore how companies can effectively connect with target audiences on Instagram.

Shoppable content

One of the best product updates for companies that Instagram has rolled out in recent years is shoppable content. With shoppable content companies can generate sales directly from their Instagram accounts, whether through in-feed posts, Instagram stories or Reels. This can be done through links to product pages on the company’s ecommerce site, or by tagging a video or Reel with product stickers that allow the audience to learn more about the product and purchase it directly within the platform. Additionally, shoppable content can be used by the brand directly, as well as in their influencer marketing – where influencers can tag products with links to shop or stickers to purchase directly.  When using shoppable content, it’s important for companies to set up the proper tracking through UTMs or in the product catalog on Instagram so that the company can see what is working on the platform directly, as they may find distinctions in how their audience shops on Instagram vs. other platforms and should adjust their strategy accordingly.

Tapping into trends

Like many social platforms, Instagram is actually a great place for companies to join trends (that make sense for their brand) and connect with their target audience in authentic and, often, cheeky ways that surprise and delight their followers. Instagram Reels and Stories are great ways for companies to jump into a trend with low-production value content that can be created and published quickly to ensure a company is capturing the moment of the trend – which moves quickly on social media. 

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