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power of infographics 12.03.15

We live in a world that is built around creating and acting upon snap impressions rather than depending upon sedate examination of the facts. As a result, the winner is often not the side that has the most ferociously detailed case to make, but the one that gets their message out in a quick, easy-to-grasp manner that plays into the existing sensibilities of their audience. The value of creating an early impression cannot be doubted, since it leaves the other side under the necessity of not just creating their own impression in the minds of their market but of undoing an earlier impression that has already been transplanted.

The Need for Speed is Critical

A concise infographic is one of the best ways to create instant branding in the minds of the viewer. As soon as they see it, it becomes a standard against which all other claims and comparisons will be judged. No matter if one is engaging in a PR campaign for an individual or is marketing a product to the public, the same factors of swift comprehension are key to the whole enterprise. The target audience should not be overwhelmed with a large number of data points or presented with information in several varying formats.

Easily Digestible > Detailed Explanation

Pick a small number of key points or comparisons and present all of them in a single chart with a very limited number of items that can be instantly comprehended by even the least-educated person. Increasingly, there is a preference for bar charts rather than pie charts. Their as-simple-as-possible format of up equals good and down equals bad can be grasped by even the most casual and disinterested passerby in the aisle or Internet visitor looking into their screen. Of course there are many persons who are interested in whatever topic is being presented, but the idea is not to convince the hardcore comparative analyst with this approach but to build a rapid public consensus and then dare the experts to unravel the imagery already created.

Win by Crossing the Finish Line First

One of the most important things to keep in mind with all forms of quick-hitting Public Relations graphics is that you are searching for an instant reaction – this is an effective Newsjacking tactic. Infographics are intended for use as a mass medium that will obtain the desired reaction from a majority of the group that witnesses it, rather than aiming at the reasoning ability of any individual participant. Info is itself a shortened form of the word information and this shows the way forward in all PR and marketing campaigns. Keep it simple and keep it short.


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