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tiktok marketing 01.23.23

Most companies already understand that TikTok is hugely popular with a younger generation and is growing in popularity across all age ranges, and it’s time for businesses that haven’t gotten on board to start doing so if they’re looking to reach their audiences where they are. Out of all the social media platforms available to companies these days, the unique functionality and culture on TikTok has made the platform one of the most challenging social media channels in terms of content creation for many businesses. Fortunately, for companies looking to start establishing a presence on TikTok, influencer partnerships can be a great way to begin.


Companies understand how difficult it’s become to reach their target audiences by only relying on advertising campaigns. Additionally, with the increased distrust of advertising campaigns from consumers, a lot of them have started utilizing ad blockers at an increased rate, and outright ignoring the ads that they come across on social media platforms, which has generated a decline in the effectiveness of these types of campaigns. Additionally, companies are not made to create the type of authentic content that the younger generations of consumers are looking to engage with, which is why many have decided to create partnerships with influencers that are good at creating that type of content. That means if a company wants to reach its target audiences on TikTok, it should let the local users of the platform speak on the behalf of the company. Although this concept is true for influencer marketing campaigns, no matter the target audience or social media platform, it’s especially true for TikTok because of the unique audience demographics and culture on the platform.


A lot of companies started investing in different strategies to reach younger generations of consumers on TikTok, and with the launch of the business services on the platform, companies have a few different options to be able to reach their audiences on TikTok. One of the ways that companies can do that is by investing in organic content, where the company simply shares its own videos to its account, and then waits for the users of the platform to find the content, and start sharing it with their own social circles. It’s important for companies to know that viral video clips on the platform tend to be hit or miss, however if a company is able to generate any sort of return on investment from its original content, it can start investing in other strategies as well. However, a lot of companies have a difficult time doing that, which is why they’ve started to invest in advertising campaigns on the platform, as well as influencer marketing campaigns. In terms of advertising campaigns, companies can pay to get their ads to show up on the feed of the users, which is similar to the sponsored posts on other social media platforms, or top view ads, which appear as the first post on the feed. However, a much more effective strategy is influencer marketing campaigns, where companies can collaborate for brand takeovers, hashtag challenges, and even create special effects that the influencers can use to promote the brand and its solutions.

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