How to Create a Memorable Brand Slogans or Tagline


How are developed?

Why spend time on a unique brand tagline?

Some brands are so well developed that a brand can be conjured in mind instantly if you say a certain phrase or line. If someone says, “Just do it,” what comes to mind? Nike! “Think different.” The Apple logo springs into my thoughts.

A brand tagline or slogan can be one of the most important parts of branding. A successful brand tagline can bring huge profits and notoriety in the industry. An unsuccessful slogan can land a brand on the bottom of the clearance rack.

Key Tips for Developing a Unique Brand Slogan

There are some basic things a brand should focus on when developing a slogan or tagline. Follow these guidelines, and a brand can be on the way to becoming a household name.

Be unique

Any tagline that has been done before or sounds familiar? Toss it. This is the time to differentiate a brand from the competition. The slogan MUST be original.

Keep it simple

People remember things that are simple and emotionally relatable. Use the fewest words necessary to get your point across. Be direct and clear in the language and meaning.

Consider how long the brand will operate

If this is the beginning of what is to be a decade’s long-standing business, then it becomes important to develop something ageless. Something that doesn’t limit a brand to a specific era. Something that uses an “As seen on TV” tag, for example, conjures images of 90’s home shopping videos. Pick something that will be current and understood at the moment and 50 years from now.

Stay consistent

Nothing will confuse an audience faster than having multiple taglines. Having one main brand tagline and then a few smaller product-line slogans can be ok. But the main brand tag must be used consistently across the board.

Focus the attention on the consumer, not on the brand

Some of the most famous brand taglines are not actually focused on the brand. “What would you do for a Klondike bar?” isn’t saying anything about Klondike. It’s prompting the customer to make a personal association between themselves and the brand. “Think Different” doesn’t mention the Apple brand. It’s about how the customer thinks and operates. Create a personal connection between the brand and the consumer.

What else makes a brand slogan memorable?

There are many ways a brand slogan can be crafted to be memorable. Keeping things on a positive note is always helpful. Consumers respond more to positive advertising messages than negative campaign messages. A brand slogan about building wellness and growth will be more welcome than a brand slogan about slimming down and minimizing the body.

Keeping tag lines consistent across branding will ensure that it becomes an ingrained phrase in consumer culture. Doing this means that no matter what branding event or media is being presented to the consumer, the intended brand is brought to mind.

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