Limited edition as a marketing strategy

mobile marketing public relations 11.09.22

A limited edition always helps to create hype and desire for a brand. Whenever there is scarcity, there will be an increase in demand and the value of a product will increase. That is the main idea while developing limited edition products. A limited edition product also helps to generate interest in a brand and helps it to collaborate with another brand to create something that deviates from the norm. It is a great strategy to attract new customers. Given below are some tips for success with limited edition products.

Focus on the audience

When it comes to developing a limited edition, the focus should be on the audience. Importance should be given to what the audience loves and not what the brand wants to exhibit. The product should be unique and fun. A limited edition is about connecting with customers in a new way. Thought must be given to what the audience already knows and what they would like to know. A limited edition aims to create a short-term buzz but the foundation lies in the long-term desirability of a brand. The products can be made desirable by being sold only in stores and not online or the other way round.

Packaging is important

The packaging for a limited edition has to be innovative. A strong packaging design is necessary. The limited edition design can play around the original design that a brand is associated with. The distinctive shape of a logo, the colors , and the font can be reinterpreted in different ways. A story can be created around the limited edition product that is aligned with the core values of the brand. For instance, Starbucks always uses the holiday season for its packaging design. Every year the designs are slightly different so that customers have something to anticipate.

Find unique occasions to celebrate

A brand can think of going beyond obvious holidays and celebrating unique occasions with its customers. For instance, Pineapple Collaborative is a brand that sells pantry staples that are sustainably harvested. On Mother’s Day , they invited their customers to opt out of receiving Mother’s Day emails. Coca Cola had recently launched its limited-edition flavor, in collaboration with Grammy-nominated artist Marshmello. The new flavor was a unique combination of strawberry, watermelon, and Coke and was also available in a zero-sugar edition. The cans in which this drink was sold used bold black and white design elements. The novelty of this product drove curiosity.

Make the product shareable on social media platforms

A limited edition product can also be turned into a collectible that can still be used after the product has been used. Customers should have a reason to keep it so that the brand can remain connected with its customers for a long time afterwards. The products should also photograph nicely so that its images are shared easily on social media. A hashtag can also be added to it and a small contest can also be developed around it so that it has a bigger reach.

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