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Case studies may call to mind the thought of endless paperwork and writing, but are they actually useful? They are favored by many professionals to show the scope of work that was done for a specific client, and should be a part of any public relations professional’s repertoire.

While they can be labor-intensive, case studies can do a lot to reach other prospective clients. In order to avoid an avalanche of work at the end of a case, it can be beneficial to keep track of metrics, notable achievements, and testimonials as the client’s work progresses.

Not sold on the benefits of having a case study done for work done by a public relations  agency? Read on.

Case Studies Provide Information for Future Cases

Good recordkeeping is the backbone of just about any business. It’s important to keep a good record of work that has been done so that similar cases can have a precedent.

Let’s say there is a client who owns a startup who approaches a PR firm. This client is starting from the ground up and wants to have a solid media and public presence as they ramp up production. The PR firm is hired to solicit potential influencers and assist with a content and media marketing strategy.

By building a case study that follows this specific project, the PR firm accomplishes two things.

First, they provide information that backs up their services as advertised. After all, remember that many individuals may view PR as a cost and not an investment, thus making them less receptive to hiring a firm for their own needs.

Second, the firm establishes a precedent with pertinent information that may be useful for a future client. While many cases will be unique, some elements may be similar and learning from a previous case can save time.

Additionally, the case study provides a resource (if it is made available for others to view) for others to utilize. This could serve as passive lead generation for potential clients who are experiencing similar issues that were fixed by the PR firm.

Case Studies Show the Value of Public Relations

As mentioned previously, public relations is sometimes seen by clients as a cost rather than an investment. The goal of many firms is to change that perception, and by tracking the correct metrics and showcasing success this is possible.

Simply stating “this case was a success!” may not be sufficient to earn the loyalty of others. Data speaks volumes, so showing metrics results such as engagement, poll results, and revenue increases can be helpful to make the case stand out. Of course, be sure that any information being shared is not proprietary.

Establishing case studies is important for public relations professionals for a multitude of reasons. While they can be a decent  amount of work, if they are presented well and have data supporting them, they can be an invaluable tool for building a positive reputation and gaining a more robust client roster.

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