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With a sizeable but unengaged audience, ThriftBooks tasked 5W with growing their overall social community, expanding share of voice and driving meaningful engagement to ultimately increase customer retention and conversions.

Thrift Book

To meet the goals and go beyond, 5W launched a strategy centered around growing “Brand Love” aimed at prioritizing social engagement, recognizing and empowering customers and building dgital brand advocates. 5W implemented a variety of tactics and strategies to reach these goals including:

  • Revamping look & feel of social feeds, with a higher posting cadence, original content and prioritization of UGC and video content
  • Introducing content around trending memes / stories in media to capitalize on engaging moments on social
  • Launching engagement driving campaigns including unique brand partnerships and giveaways
  • Initiating proactive community management program to drive UGC and brand love
  • Launching TikTok page and corresponding community management campaign
  • Creating a Facebook Group for top fans to converge and discuss shared love of the brand
  • Establishing brand ambassador program to reward superfans and increase reach and content
  • Managing “surprise and delight” outreach to key fans and influencers to increase loyalty
  • Supporting key segments such as collectors, educators and homeschoolers with targeted campaigns
  • Thrift Book
    Thrift Book

    Over the 18-month period during which the strategy was built and implemented, 5W increased ThriftBook's overall social community by 22%, reaching the 100k follower milestone on Instagram for platform growth of 47%. Social engagement also increased an average of 25%.


    Instagram followers (47% growth)


    Increased average engagement

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