Case Study




On a mission to redefine clean, Cleancult is a leader in the zero-waste cleaning category, using only non-toxic, natural ingredients, and zero plastic. Earth Month is a pivotal moment for the brand to educate audiences on the importance of a zero-waste lifestyle, with media, consumers, and influencers partaking heavily in conversations around sustainability. 5W was tasked to bring Cleancult to the forefront of media conversations while driving sales during a time when consumers were especially primed to purchase during Earth Month.



5W executed an aggressive earned media relations program to ensure Cleancult was highly visible during this key purchasing season, accurately positioned as a brand pioneering sustainable solutions during a time when green-washing is rampant. Additionally, 5W sent curated packages to media and influencers to bring the brand experience to life and drive social buzz.


Media Placements


Billion impressions


5WPR secured over 90 earned media placements, including a strong mix of online in broadcast in outlets such as Fast Company, PEOPLE, Martha Stewart Living, Good Morning America and more, accumulating over 1.3 billion media and social media impressions. Additionally, Cleancult had one of the biggest sales months in its history.