How the Top Australian Beauty Brands Made Their Mark in the U.S.

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makeup 06.22.23

Beauty brands from Australia have consistently stood out as some of the most luxurious and even best products. There are several Australian beauty brands that managed to make their mark across the ocean and take the U.S. beauty market by storm. They’ve managed to achieve all this by incorporating beneficial ingredients in the products, and in many cases, backing those ingredients by science.

Vida Glow

Recently launched in the Australian Sephora, Vida Glow is a natural Australian collagen brand. The brand offers a wide range of products that promote beauty from within. Their best-selling products include radiance, natural marine collagen blueberry sachets, along with hairology capsules, and their age-defiance range. Vida Glow enables consumers to incorporate skincare into their daily routine for overall well-being.


JSHealth is a popular Australian brand initially known for its vitamin and supplement ranges. It has recently expanded into the skincare and haircare game. Infused with high-quality vitamins and active botanical ingredients, their skincare and haircare ranges offer a holistic approach to beauty and well-being.

The Jojoba Company

For those in search of an all-in-one skincare solution, The Jojoba Company offers a lightweight oil. The product can soothe and balance skin irritations, serve as an everyday moisturizer, and act as a makeup remover. This Australian brand harnesses the power of jojoba oil, providing a versatile product for various skincare needs.

Frank Body

Frank Body, an Australian skincare company created in a Melbourne coffee shop, gained fame for its all-natural coffee scrub. This product fades stretch marks, minimizes breakouts, exfoliates the skin, and reduces cellulite. Frank Body’s commitment to natural ingredients and effective skincare solutions has made it a favorite among beauty enthusiasts worldwide.

Ere Perez

Ere Perez, an Australian beauty brand, incorporates science-based ingredients, plant-based botanicals, and superfoods to create products that benefit consumers and the planet. Sustainability and ethical practices are apparent in their formulations, making them a reliable choice for conscious beauty enthusiasts.


Renowned for its popular lip balms, Lanolips is an Australian skincare brand that harnesses the hydrating and healing properties of lanolin. Lanolin, a deeply moisturizing oil, is the hero ingredient in their products. The product line extends beyond lip care to encompass skincare solutions as well.

Salt by Hendrix

Salt by Hendrix is making waves in the beauty industry for its dedication to using sustainably and ethically sourced certified organic ingredients. Their Mermaid Oil and Body Scrub are just a few examples of their carefully crafted products designed to enhance your skincare routine. If you’re someone who values clean beauty, Salt by Hendrix is a brand worth exploring.


Born on the Gold Coast, Alpha-H has garnered a devoted following for its cult-favorite formulas targeting breakouts, pigmentation, dullness, and signs of aging. This Australian brand offers effective solutions backed by years of expertise and research. That’s what’s made Apha-H a go-to choice for those seeking transformative skincare.

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