Instagram Stories and Lead Generation for B2B Companies

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instagram stories guide 11.16.22

Due to the visual nature of the platform, Instagram has been able to attract users from a number of different countries all over the world. Many people on the platform enjoy interacting with companies, which means Instagram is a great place where companies can promote themselves, and generate more leads with the right strategies. One of the most effective tools that Instagram has introduced in terms of marketing efforts is Instagram Stories, which can allow companies to better define the customer experience.

Serialized content

The Instagram Stories feature was originally designed to allow users on the platform to tell stories. Despite the fact that each piece of content on the feature expires after a day, telling stories is a great way for companies to create and distribute serialized content in a shorter period of time. Companies can do that by explaining more difficult concepts to the target audience, or showcasing how their solutions can be used and how they function. To increase the return on investment (ROI), companies can also add these types of stories to their highlights, which appear on their accounts, which means the audience will be able to refer back to these pieces of content at any point in time. And additionally, most people are creatures of habit, which means that if they come across some things that they enjoy on a relatively frequent basis, they will keep an eye on that thing in the future. Companies can apply the same logic to their Instagram Stories and the content they share by figuring out the type of content that works best with the target audience, and then incorporating it into the Instagram Story strategy on a more regular basis. This can help companies grow their audience, and even establish more loyal customers because people put a lot more trust in companies that are willing to be open and engaging with a target audience.

Thought leadership

Another great opportunity for companies to capitalize on the benefits they can get from sharing content via Instagram Stories is by making it a platform where the company can share thought leadership content. Since Instagram stories expire after 24 hours, the viewers tend to believe that they are receiving a unique and rare experience, which means if the company presents itself as an industry expert, it will also give its audience a sense of exclusivity when they view this type of content. Companies can showcase their solutions and explain how they function, share customer feedback and experiences, offer a demonstration of their solutions, or even give advice and their opinions on current industry events, situations, or challenges. Companies that are ready to share the knowledge and expertise that they have with the target audience are going to find that consumers are more than happy to learn and develop a trusting relationship with them.

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