Case Study




AgAmerica is a non-bank lender that builds low-interest rate agricultural loans to provide financial structure for farmers. AgAmerica offers loan products that traditional lenders cannot provide, and as a non-bank lender, they have greater autonomy over their financing decisions. The client tasked 5W with building the AgAmerica brand and elevating the leadership profiles of AgAmerica CEO, Brian Philpot, and Senior Director of Institutional Credit, Curt Covington.



5W was hired by AgAmerica to increase brand and program awareness within the United States, promote executives as dynamic thought leaders in the farming and ag lending spaces, position the company in front of potential, strategic partners, and synonymize AgAmerica with the future of farming. With a consistent presence in top-tier and agriculture-focused outlets, AgAmerica's profile was elevated and quickly became an industry leader in not only the ag lending space but also in the retail industry, providing insights into the country's food shortages from an agricultural perspective. 5W pursued a multi-pronged approach to connect with reporters in the financial, agriculture, consumer/retail, and personal finance verticals to raise the company's status.


Unique Impressions




By leaning heavily into newsjacking as our primary tactic, 5W capitalized on major news events such as California's historic drought, supply chain disruptions affecting holidays meals, the cream cheese shortage and Omicron impacting all food industries, resulting in 215 placements. AgAmerica's CEO, Brian Philpot, Senior Director of Institutional Credit Curt Covington and the brand have been featured extensively in the media, with coverage in FOX Business: The Claman Countdown, CNBC, Bloomberg, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Barron's among other leading publications. AgAmerica's experts are now Bloomberg's and USA Today's go-to expert when discussing the state of the country's agriculture industry.