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GetYourGuide is a European-based experience booking company - with a mission of "changing how the world travels" - that had not broken through the awareness barrier in the United States. The company recognized that 5W's combination of insight into the travel category and the ability to generate edgy creative that could capture the energy of social media was what they needed.

Get Your Guide

The Inspiration of Influencers 5W recognized that the traditional approach to travel branding - getting on top-ten lists, for example - was the required base level of activity, but to truly move the cultural needle required a deeper and more energized connection with those who were driving the conversation.

With that as the approach, 5W Digital built a disciplined, data-driven model for connecting the right influencers to the right themes, at the right time. This consistent but surprising drumbeat would elevate GetYourGuide to the level of leadership and related awareness that was the goal.

The following three examples highlight 5W Digital's effectiveness:

#1 Riding the Dogecoin Phenomenon
5W tapped into the massive media buzz - fueled in part by Elon Musk - to connect GetYourGuide with the crypto explosion and the trending conversations through the most visible gurus and influencers. The message to Dogecoin holders - using the emblematic Shiba Inu - was to tell them to cash in their crypto now and experience what travel can be. In other words, don't wait to go to the moon.

#2 Globe-Trotting Influencers
On an ongoing basis, 5W featured hand-selected influencers traveling around the world, featuring them on Instagram feeds, and GetYourGuide repurposed the content on their channels.

The secret digital sauce here was the way that 5W briefed the influencers so that they connected their authenticity and their personal mission of "changing how the world travels" to that of GetYourGuide.

#3 One Mega-Influencer
5W capped the influencer campaign with a mega-personality: Seth, known as #dudewithsign. The team arranged for Seth to show up in front of a GetYourGuide billboard, which had one of his hand-scrawled signs reading "Socks Are Not Gifts." @dudewithsign became a meme and kicked off a brand-building debate between GetYourGuide and Bombas, who claimed that socks are gifts.

Get Your Guide
Get Your Guide
  • 10 million+ hits and engagements from the @dudewithsign partnership
  • 500K+ high-value engagement moments from influencer partnerships
  • 500K+ impressions from Dogecoin campaign

10 M+

social media engagements


media impressions

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