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Cooks Venture is a food startup committed to regenerative agriculture practices, meaning their practices aim to create healthier food and a healthier planet, while also feeding a growing population. Cooks Venture approached 5WPR with the goal of launching their business, increasing their brand visibility, and improving on their share of voice within the industry across the media landscape.

In March 2020, these goals shifted to include building the company's CEO, Matthew Wadiak, into an industry thought leader, through discussing the impact COVID-19 had on food supply, and the role of animal factory farming during the virus.

Corporate Food & Beverage

5W continuously targeted top tier media, as well as trade publications, to share company news and announcements, as well as commentary on the food supply industry and regenerative agriculture. With the impact of COVID-19, 5W's strategy shifted to include thought leadership. The team aimed to have the CEO, Matt Wadiak, at the forefront of conversations surrounding food supply, safer farming methods, and the short, as well as potential long-term, impacts of COVID-19. As Matt's expertise lied in regenerative agriculture and better, safer, and more sustainable farming practices, the team utilized his knowledge to target top-tier and mainstream print, online, and broadcast media.


After working together, 5WPR has been able to deliver impressive results for the client across online, broadcast, and even podcast media. Since the onset of the coronavirus, 5W secured 10+ placements detailing the relationship between the virus and food supplies.

Total Placements: 102

Total Impressions: 376,965,109

Top Placements Include:

  • Fox Business
  • Bloomberg
  • Forbes
  • Eater
  • USA Today
  • Yahoo! Finance
  • The Washington Post
  • And many more


Total placements.


Million + impressions.


Placements on pandemic food supply stories.

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