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As agency-of-record for the largest black-owned and operated multi-media company, 5W has been instrumental in the enormous momentum of this hip-hop platform as it has grown to be the dominant voice-of-truth in the community, bringing together the energies of music, fashion, design, social justice, and of course, weed.

REVOLT stands for making the future happen today, and the work 5W has done helped bring sponsors ranging from Walmart and Pepsi to Microsoft and Puma, to the event.

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The Ask:
Turn the REVOLT x AT&T Summit into a platform for further electrification of the program. In line with the overall REVOLT positioning, 5W themed the event "The Future is Now." Diddy, who founded Revolt, brought the theme to life at the kick-off.

The Idea Trigger:
5W’s sensitive, probing research identified that beneath a veneer of confidence, REVOLT’s audience was feeling the pressure of dizzying change in the world. Excitement about new opportunities was offset by a fear of access.

The Big Push:
Use the Summit to demonstrate REVOLT’s commitment to its audience, supporting the fight for accessible opportunity, which is the confrontational spirit embodied in its name.

5W used media to communicate this mission and generate waves of cultural connection, building a rhythm-heavy communications campaign that started with intensive media attention for the launch event, through earned media and, of course, REVOLT’s owned channels. We continued by leveraging REVOLT's celebrity, influencer, and creator community through national and local media awareness, including a blow-out influencer dinner and virtual press junket.


Massive coverage through the community, including 10% increase in global traffic; 7% increase in brand awareness; 225 media placements; and 85 influencer posts for the single event. The team's work also brought in several key sponsors for the summit, including brands such as Walmart, Pepsi, Microsoft, and Puma.


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Case Study
Case Study
Case Study
Case Study


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