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There are different types of emails that companies can send out to their email subscribers to get them to take a step into the next stage of the buying journey. It’s important for companies to utilize the right types of emails so that they don’t potentially end up confusing their email subscribers, or in the worst-case scenario, completely irritate them to the point where they no longer want to do business with the company.


The first type of email that companies can send out to their email subscribers is the one that the business will have to send out whenever a person subscribes to the newsletter for the first time. This is known as a welcome or a “getting started” email, which is designed to get the subscriber to start interacting with the email as soon as possible in a way that will feel natural to that subscriber. That means companies will have to make sure that they welcome the new email subscriber to the newsletter, and then encourage them to click through some of the content and learn more about the company or its solutions. A great way for companies to make sure that the new subscriber stays engaged is by providing them with a small discount that they can use for their first purchase after they have subscribed.


Another type of email that companies should be utilizing in their newsletters is a transactional email that they will send out to their subscribers whenever one of the subscribers ends up converting and making a purchase from the company. These are not invasive emails and are just used so that the subscriber will understand that something they did on the company’s website was successful. That can happen whether they make a purchase, and then they receive a transactional email that will include the notification that their purchase was successful, and it can also be followed up with a receipt, and even a notification that will let them know that the item they purchased is being shipped out to them. These types of emails tend to generate a high open rate with a lot of consumers, and that’s why it’s important for companies to make sure that each one that they sent out will thank the subscriber for the order that they made in a way that will sound like the company is having a conversation with them. This type of email is designed to make sure that the subscribers will stay engaged with the content that the company is sharing with them. However, it’s also beneficial to them as they are going to know that their purchase or download was successful, and they have more to look forward to from the company, which further strengthens the relationship that a company has with that subscriber.

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