5 Reasons to Integrate Your Marketing and PR Strategies

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PR and marketing both share an important goal. They both aim to build awareness for a brand and improve that company’s reputation. Both PR and marketing are essential components in amplifying and relaying critical business messages. The difference is that while one is all about selling, the other is about creating and maintaining an image in a marketplace.

An integrated marketing and PR approach can make both practices far more efficient and effective. Here, we’ll be looking at just five reasons why companies may consider integrating their PR and marketing strategies to boost their online results.

1. Integration Leads to more Creativity

It’s the job of a PR professional to predict and understand the latest trends in a range of different industries. This means that when marketing experts work with PR professionals, they have a unique opportunity to get ahead of the curve with new and exciting campaigns. On the other side of the coin, marketing experts can also provide PR teams with insights into the results of marketing campaigns, and critical analytics.

2. Amplify Promotional Efforts

Marketing comes in many different shapes and sizes. It can involve emailing prospects with newsletters, writing content and publishing it on a blog, or even connecting with customers over social media. While all of these things come with their own promotional activities, PR can act as an additional vehicle to help companies reach their promotional goals. The right combination of content marketing and PR strategies can help to take content to the next level and ensure that marketing campaigns reach the broadest audience possible.

3. Improve Brand Consistency

Creating a successful brand in today’s cramped and cluttered marketplace is all about establishing a powerful identity for a company and maintaining that same consistent image across multiple platforms. Combining PR and marketing into one practice helps to ensure that all of the messages a company puts out into the digital and offline spheres share the same tone of voice and image. In fact, companies can even create a cohesive manifesto for their teams to use whenever they’re publishing a new press release or piece of content.

4. Better SEO and Rankings

In a world where coming first on the google search results is crucial to getting ahead of your competitors, it’s important to think about how you can optimize your SEO results. Many marketers embed keywords into their content and website creations to help boost SEO, but press releases are also distributed around the web, offering backlink opportunities that can also assist with SEO.

When PR activities and marketing efforts combine, it’s much easier to get better results from search campaigns. Press companies can even integrate keywords into their own reports and press releases with the help of a marketing team.

5. Improve Relationships

Finally, sometimes in marketing, it’s hard to get ahead of the competition when the business in question doesn’t already have a great deal of credibility in their chosen niche. For organisations that are just getting into the marketplace, it can be important to springboard off the popularity of another entity in their sector.

PR experts can work with media outlets and influencers to build relationships that support a company’s credibility as it builds its marketing prowess.

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