B2B PR: Effective B2B Public Relations Trends for 2021

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b2b public relations 01.02.21

The previous year was an ideal time for a leap into digital PR strategies and tactics for brands and corporations, such as search engine optimization, social media platforms, and automation, among the many available tools.

The downside of the previous year is that many B2B companies are still recovering from everything that recently happened, which means implementing cutting-edge PR strategies is a key requirement for businesses to move forward and grow.

We’re living through a time when earned media coverage has exponentially expanded, with influencers, bloggers, podcasters, and content creators being popular on every single platform. The mainstream media coverage has been on a steady decline, which means fewer possibilities for businesses’ mainstream coverage.

In the coming months, B2B companies will be seeing increasing use of several different PR trends, such as thought leadership, reputation management, and more.

Validation from Third Parties

More than ever, people are looking towards other people’s opinions on a company’s products or services instead of listening to the company itself.

This means that B2B businesses should be sharing meaningful data along with their messaging when pitching media outlets and journalists. But the focus shouldn’t only be on traditional media outlets because, with their decline in popularity and size, businesses should be looking to gain momentum on emerging media platforms.

All of that means B2B companies should look towards influencer marketing as an addition to their PR campaigns to win the trust of audiences, as these people can also move the needle with target audiences.


All buyers first look up a product online, extensively, before they ever visit a company’s website, which means businesses should be telling their stories on search engines, too, to establish trust with the consumers.

Along with that, businesses should make their company websites as fast as possible, as that, along with the right keywords, interactivity, and other details, affect search rankings in results pages.

The content on business websites also has to be valuable and provide information to the visitors that are either interesting, informative or even both. One big opportunity with written content that many B2B brands overlook is strategic internal linking.

Thought Leadership

Attention means everything for businesses these days, which means B2B companies should be focusing on high-quality content that will uniquely tell the brand’s story instead of simply driving conversions.

Businesses can create their own thought leadership content focused on analyzing the problems that the brand solves, instead of the products that are selling, to establish authority in the industry and set the company apart in the crowded market.

Finally, the written content is always great. Still, to really get consumers’ attention, businesses should also be promoting video content, allowing companies to tell a more detailed story. With it, the viewers will feel an even greater sense of connection with the brand.


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