LinkedIn: The rise of B2B Social media Marketing

b2b social media marketing 12.05.18

For many companies, social media marketing initially seems to belong exclusively to the business-to-consumer marketplace. However, research into B2B advertising suggests that companies can actually benefit more from social media advertising than they think – particularly if they choose the right platform.

Around 84% of business decision makers say that they’re influenced by social media when making purchasing decisions. For executives, social media is a crucial resource because it helps them to make choices based on things like social proof and local endorsements. Although various social channels can contribute to a company’s B2B social media marketing strategy, there are few channels that appeal more to professionals online than LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the ultimate way for today’s companies to grow their presence with business clients. Here are just some of the ways organizations can take advantage of LinkedIn.

Deliver Targeted Content

LinkedIn is a place where professionals can build connections with like-minded people who work either in their industry or in corresponding industries. When companies can produce and share content that their connections want to see, they’ll be far more likely to engage with that material and become advocates for the brand.

Shared content from people who enjoy the things that they see on LinkedIn can also spread to other social networks, improving a B2B company’s chances of new sales and solutions. The more value that certain content contains, the more likely it is that it will be shared – even with people who have never heard of a brand before.

Showcase Value Via Thought Leadership

On LinkedIn, people are looking for informative content that can make them better at their jobs and provide new insights into their industry. Importantly, B2B clients rarely rely on advertisements and traditional marketing schemes to make their decisions. Perhaps even more so than standard consumers, B2B clients expect to be sold to using evidence, and useful information.

Thought leadership articles that discuss issues from new angles delight customers and show them that a company has more to offer than their competitors. Additionally, B2B brands can also show their value by demonstrating their thought leadership value through the stories they share online. Their LinkedIn profile and the content they curate from other companies help to form a unique brand that speaks to their target audience.

Develop Engagement and Visibility with Groups

All of the best social media marketing strategies happen when businesses know who their audience is, and where that audience is. On LinkedIn, there’s a very easy way for companies to track down people who would be interested in their content solutions – and that involves using LinkedIn Groups. LinkedIn Groups are dedicated communities of people who are interested in a specific topic or industry. It’s even possible for companies to launch their own groups to improve their authority in their space.

Participating in groups is a fantastic way for B2B brands to market themselves on LinkedIn without relying on the direct promotion of their services or products. The main goal is often to provide unique answers to questions, encourage discussions and to get people talking about a certain company. When business use LinkedIn groups to their advantage, they can position themselves as a thought leader, and develop more influence in their sector.

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