Bring Businesses to Consumers’ Homes

consumer home business 05.28.20

It has been a few weeks since marketing teams all across the world have started to cover new ground and tackle the new challenges that this pandemic has presented them with. Consumers have clearly shifted to e-commerce, whether that means buying household items or stocking up on groceries.

The impact on consumer mobility and supply chains, as well as the dramatic shift in media consumption habits, have made marketers everywhere concerned about how to proceed with the newfound situation. With a new situation at hand, companies everywhere have had to carefully and wisely plan their next marketing moves, in a way that wouldn’t cause a public outcry.

The most important thing here is for businesses and their marketing teams to pay attention to the ever-unfolding global situation that’s continuously altering the landscape and then plan their strategies accordingly.

One of the biggest trends for both big and small businesses is the increase in delivery-based options for any products that consumers need. Whether that involves restaurant deliveries or grocery deliveries for meals, soap, and hand-sanitizer, or exercise equipment in an attempt to stay active while being stuck at home.

Do You Deliver?

Contact-free delivery has seen an increase in demand from consumers, all of whom are trying to stay home and stay safe in the process. With the enforced shelter-in-place restrictions all throughout the world, companies that give their customers a delivery option for their purchases, including companies that collaborate with delivery companies, have shown us that they are an essential service during the crisis.

The global pandemic has managed to overwhelm the lives of many around the globe in a very short period of time. With plenty of businesses worldwide being forced to close their doors in attempts to keep their staff safe from the virus, the companies who offer deliveries have been seeing an increase in growth, and especially in demand.

With millions of people stuck in isolation, the best way to provide everyone with exemplary customer service is to show concern, care, and empathy. This is the best time for customer experience leaders to place themselves at the forefront of consumer behavior trends that have resulted from the crisis. The best ones have responded in turn to consumer needs, by adapting and renovating the options they offer, with delivery options being at the forefront.

The simplest activities, such as dining out with friends, going out for a run, even trips to the grocery store are now seen as a potential risk. These are times when consumers are in need of digital, low-touch, and at-home options. Top businesses are going to rise to the occasion and meet their customers where they are right now – in their homes. Brands and corporations that act quickly now and innovate their delivery models in a way that’s going to help their consumers navigate safely though the ongoing crisis are going to end up with a strong advantage.

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