Marketing Your Book Using PR

book marketing 25.07.18

Companies and politicians aren’t the only people who need PR to help them build a reputation for themselves in today’s competitive marketplace. PR can also be a powerful tool for authors who want to share their words of wisdom with the world. Through the right PR promotion campaign, an author can not only attract the attention of their target audience, but also potentially get the attention of other media groups and publications that want to feature the title.

Here are just some of the steps that an author might need to take when they’re thinking of marketing their book with the help of a PR strategy.

Prepare A Pre-Publication Identity

Any PR expert knows that connections are key to success in today’s digital world. Before a book launch, an author considering a PR marketing strategy will need to make sure that they have the right social media presence and online identity in place.

Authors can work alongside their PR team to create a stronger online presence with the right social media profiles, videos, and other important information that helps to drive attention for their personal brand. This personal brand will then make the author more compelling when the book officially launches.

Build Networks

These days, readers want recommendations from influential figures to help them decide what they should be spending their time on. Authors who work to build a network with their PR group can make sure that they have the attention of the right media outlets and groups when their book launches, so that they can reach a wider range of potential readers.
In some circumstances, a PR agency may even help an author to access the help of an influencer, or a number of social media influencers to attract the attention of a specific group of potential customers. Influencers can have a huge impact in today’s social landscape.

Strategically Plan Publicity Hooks

When it comes to making the most out of a PR plan for a book launch, authors need to think carefully about the publicity hooks they can create to market their content, and the plan they’re going to use to get the press to pay attention. For instance, some authors will decide to use an existing event to gain attention – like a book fair or a convention. Others will build a great press release that they can give to their PR agency to spread across multiple media channels.

To get started, all authors need are the publicity hooks that their audiences are going to be interested in – a list of key points about the book and what it can offer, and a list of media contacts to reach out to.

Produce Promotional Materials

Finally, PR doesn’t just take place online, and authors never know who they might run into. Having the right selection of information on hand- including a business card, a postcard to send to friends and other useful information to send to media outlets will help to get a book the attention it needs.

Book trailers made with video and animation can be another great way to capture attention online, as well as live interviews with the author published on social media. Today, there are endless ways to promote a book in the PR world.


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