Consumer PR: The Buying Behavior of Female Shoppers

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consumer pr - shopper public relations 14.10.15

Research consistently shows that the majority of purchasing decisions are made by women. More accurately, 85 percent which comprises a $14 trillion market. However, the way women are influenced to make decisions is continuously changing. Recent research from SheKnows Media has indicated that female consumers are increasingly looking to “everyday experts” on social media to guide their purchasing decisions, showing a shift away from relying on celebrities and bloggers for reviews and endorsements.

5W PR, is an award winning agency in the category of marketing to women, has prepared the infographic below to offer insight on female buying behaviors.

  • Female shoppers are no longer as influenced by celebrity or big brand endorsements, according to SheKnows Media research
  • These changes in women’s buying behavior are significant because women control 85% of all purchasing decisions in America, comprising a 14 trillion dollar market
  • Before buying, women want to hear from everyday people with whom they can relate
  • These “everyday experts” are trusted online contributors
  • When looking for recommendations, 58% of women turn to YouTube, 52% to Facebook, 50% to Pinterest and 46% look to Instagram
  • Bloggers are still followed, but at the least popular platform, with only 36% of women seeking out bloggers before buying a product
  • 52% of women find online everyday experts did the best job of making them feel connected; only 12% said that brands did so and 11% said that celebrities did do
  • This shift seems to be spurred by the internet, which has made it much easier to find authentic opinions and reviews
  • 86% of the women surveyed said they put the most trust in real people’s product and service recommendations


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