Six Tips for Generating a Content Plan to Boost your PR Efforts

Digital PR

PR experts have a lot of experience creating exceptional content for their brands. In the digital marketing world, making the most of this content generation ability now means investing in new content marketing plans to ramp up brand awareness and cultivate customer engagement. For PR pros, the rise of content has provided countless new opportunities to communicate with important audiences and raise visibility for critical clients.

Of course, as valuable as content marketing can be, it’s only effective if companies know how to use it properly. The following tips could help any PR agency make the most out of their content plan.

Use a Range of Media

While the days of written press releases aren’t over just yet – there are plenty of different ways that agencies can share content with the public in the modern age. Aside from writing content, PR groups can reach out to audiences through social media marketing, video content, and images too. A wider range of media can help to earn more attention online.

Optimize PR Content

To make content stand out in a world where everyone is using blogs and articles, PR pros need to make sure that they’re optimizing everything they produce. This means adding SEO strategies into their campaigns to improve their ranking with search engines like Google, as well as adding features that make the content easy to consume or share. For instance, a “share on Facebook” button at the end of an article could improve brand reach.

Show Expertise

When people look for content online, they’re often looking to learn something. A great way for PR companies to make their clients stand out with content is to present them as a “thought leader” for a specific niche. Q&A sessions or in-depth industry articles can help a company to appear more credible and authoritative.

Use Data

Content marketers around the world are beginning to recognize just how valuable data can be to their marketing strategies. The right data gives organizations a chance to learn what their audience wants most from them. For instance, digital tools like Google analytics can help PR agents to track customer responses to certain pieces of content and adjust future strategies accordingly.

 Hack the Press

In the content marketing and PR world, hacking the press is similar to hacking a target audience. It’s all about understanding what the media are looking for to fill their news pages and giving them the content, they need. There are certain content formats that are typically well-received by industry publications, and PR agents can use those to their advantage when they’re planning a brand awareness or content strategy.

Maximize Content

Finally, since content is incredibly valuable today, it makes sense for PR agencies to get as much distance out of each piece as possible. As well as investing in the right content creation for their clients, PR groups can also multiply the content they create by turning it into different formats or looking at it from multiple angles. For instance, PR companies might interview different members of a business about a certain topic or transform a recent article into video piece or infographic.

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