Digital Storytelling for B2B Brands

b2b brands 03.24.22

Companies in the B2B industry can bring new life to their content with the help of digital storytelling.

There are plenty of opportunities for B2B businesses to utilize digital storytelling, given the amount of consumer engagement in the industry, as well as the consumer research that many companies have been executing.

However, to create content that stands out and that engages audiences, companies have to get creative with their digital storytelling.


For companies to truly embrace and access the benefits of digital storytelling, they first have to change the way that they look at and create content.

The most important element in this change is empathy because when a company is able to take the time to understand its consumers, it will be able to create stories that are more emotionally memorable.

Those types of stories make consumers feel connected to a business on a deeper level, instead of on the level of superficial transactions.

Whether it means that a company is trying to tell its brand story, or trying to create a promotional narrative, it’s important to create tangible deliverables in the digital storytelling strategy.

That means companies should have a plan on how to best tell their story while taking thought leadership, market trends, and the target audience into account.


The marketing strategies that were used solely by companies in the B2C industry have started to become commonplace with the companies in the B2B industry as well, due to the digital shift over the last few years, since the pandemic started.

Even when the pandemic ends and the entire world goes back to normal, many of those marketing changes are going to stay in place in the B2B industry, with the biggest change being the use of digital storytelling.

Companies get a lot of freedom when utilizing digital storytelling strategies. With digital storytelling, companies can break down a number of obstacles between brands and consumers, in order to create more meaningful and powerful relationships with the target audience. By creating authentic stories that consumers believe in, companies can humanize themselves in the eyes of consumers.

When executed correctly, digital storytelling can help B2B companies drive trust, bring a fresh perspective to a brand’s story, and incorporate other industry thought leaders into their marketing efforts.

Consumer Solutions and Formats

There’s no need for storytelling to exist just in a single digital format, as these days, companies have plenty of opportunities to present and share their stories across different platforms.

One of the biggest benefits of digital storytelling is that a company story can take on different forms while still connecting with the target audience.

Companies can incorporate a well-crafted story into a variety of promotional channels and platforms, including blogs, social media platforms, video content, podcasts, email, and more.

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