How to get Away with Taking Art from the Metropolitan Museum of Art

metropolitan museum art 27.05.14
metropolitan museum art

In an unprecedented move, the Metropolitan Museum of Art has recently released almost 400,000 iconic works, in the form of high-resolution computer images, to the general public – and in turn – created a great opportunity to increase the Museum’s Brand PR. These images are available on their website for free download. The website designers have cataloged and sorted the pieces for easy retrieval by the public. They can be used for free, so long as you are not being used for commercial use. However, you can download a beautiful Van Gogh, print it out, and put it on the wall of your home. The images that are available are that high of a quality, and large enough to make a decent sized print for personal use.

The pieces are sorted and can easily be located utilizing several methods of searching. You can look for a specific artist, or look for a culture and the art that they produced, or perhaps you are interested in a specific era in art history, or even if you have a desire to see art only produced in a certain medium, all of these categories and more, will help you to find exactly what you are looking to see.

In addition to paintings done by the likes of Picasso, Rembrandt and Monet there are also images of Aztec sculpture, Chinese Calligraphy and Roman sculpture. Three dimensional objects have been photographed from every conceivable angle, and each of these photographs are available on the website. This allows you to examine the piece in a way that might not be available even if you managed to see it in person. Your computer can zoom in and out and the resolution will remain crisp and clean.

For the first time in the history of mankind, the masters of every era, every continent and civilization, is available to everyone at the same time. Camera and computer technology coupled with hard work and dedication has presented the world with an unbelievable treasure, and it is all for free! The Met has the largest single art collection in the world. Most people will never get the chance to personally see this collection, but now they can see it at home in the comfort of their favorite arm chair and download it onto their desktop, or print it for their wall. This is a huge feather in the cap for the Met. This can make them a household name heard in every home on the planet, as the world’s populace extends their thanks.


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